Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bin Laden tries to influence election!

Interesting timing for the release of this bin Laden tape, isn't it? Not to say that it isn't authentic or that it isn't meant to influence the election - of course it is.
I haven't watched or heard any of the spin on this yet, so i don't know what anyone else is saying, but obviously, someone is trying to help Bush win. Yes, bin Laden speaks incredibly logically on this tape (i certainly hope it is not a surprise to anyone that he says our foreign policy is what brought on the 9/11 attacks) and if people were thinking logically, they would think, "damn, why is he still out there? Why didn't we get him years ago when we had the chance? Why did we go to Iraq instead?". But, of course, people are not going to think logically, and they are going to say "bin Laden says not to vote for Bush, and i don't want to agree with bin Laden, so i'm going to vote for Bush!".
Bin Laden is an evil madman, but he is not dumb. He knows that the average American is going to do the opposite of what he says. And of course he wants Bush to win - Bush has been the best recruiting tool for al Qaeda ever! We get attacked by bin Laden and al Qaeda and Bush attacks the country with the LEAST connections to them for a completely bogus reason! Bin Laden couldn't have asked for a better response!
Bin Laden doesn't want Kerry enlisting allies and actually attacking al Qaeda! He doesn't want us to have the world on our side - he wants the world to mistrust us and to think that we will attack anyone except the real enemy.
This certainly has helped people forget all of the terrible mistakes of Bush's that have been brought to light recently - somewhat convienently, i think! Of course this is going to focus on our "war on terror" again, which for some illogical reason, people think that Bush has done a good job on. Of course, that makes no sense whatsoever since we are now LESS safe than we have ever been and we have less of the world allied with us than ever and there are more reasons than ever to attack us. We'll see how this plays out.....

Friday, October 29, 2004

Something NOT often reported about Kerry's 1971 testimony

I was debating someone about some of the things that Kerry said in his 1971 Congressional testimony and found this transcript:

A couple of interesting things I noticed:
1) He does not accuse anyone of atrocities - he references stories that vets told him! A MAJOR difference from what the swift boat liars have been saying!
2) A great quote, which is very telling as to his character and - as usual - is very consistent with what he says today:
"At any time that an actual threat is posed to this country or to the security and freedom I will be one of the first people to pick up a gun and defend it."

Again, the only way that anyone has to criticize this man is to twist his words around until they mean something completely different from what he said!

Can you say "scared"?!

From LA Times :
Bush Seeks Limit to Suits Over Voting Rights

So, Bush is trying to take away even MORE rights from us! I know this means that he is running scared, but isn't anyone scared about what is happening to our basic rights?! I am seriously terrified of the possibility that bush could win on tues. Life has never been more frightening!

Still MORE lies about Kerry!

From Fact Check :

NRA Ad Falsely Accuses Kerry
It says he's sponsoring a proposal to ban "every pump shotgun" and voted "to ban deer-hunting ammunition." Don't believe either claim.

Is there ANY anti-Kerry ad that has anything remotely true in it?! It seems that every single ad is based on total lies.

A last ditch desperate attempt?

A video has appeared that threatens the US, but is considered a hoax by many. Yet, a big deal is being made about this in the news. Talk about jumping to conclusions without any facts! Interesting timing on this, isn't it?

"New video threatens US - watch chilling tape"

"CIA can't authenticate alleged al Qaeda tape"

Hmmm...."fair and balanced" anyone? Maybe hoping that people will forget everything that has happened this week? Though maybe this person is threatening us with the munitions that we have lost?!

$87 billion

Ohmigawd! The bush/cheney website is STILL harping about this $87 billion deal! Is America still that ignorant of what happened here that this is effective?! Maybe so, since it appears that all bush supporters get their news solely from FoxTV! For the record (again!), Kerry voted against BUSH's proposal for the $87 billion because in this proposal the money was just supposed to appear magically and put us further into debt! Kerry offered another proposal in which the money would actually be accounted for and would not add to our debt, and the Republicans refused to listen to reason. The unadulterated BS coming from bush's campaign is sickening!

More bad news for Bush

All of the many excuses for losing tons of munitions in Iraq after we occupied it are being refuted. Yet another article with proof that they were there after the fall of Baghdad and that the administration just didn't think that they were important enough to secure (guess we were too busy with the oil wells!).

FBI investigation into Halliburton

Gosh, do you think that there was anything inappropriate here?!

From today's Review Journal (among others):
"the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose last week by 20,000"! Yep, the economy is doing great, isn't it?!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

"Liberal Media" at work again!

Don't you wish that someone would ask Bush questions like these?

Have you ever seen such a negatively slanted interview?! Even saying that the 80,000 people coming to see Kerry were there to see Springsteen! I guess the 100,000 that came out for Kerry a couple of days ago didn't count, either!


More on GOP voter challenges!

From CNN

Thankfully, Columbus, Ohio, has a fair judge! The Republicans didn't want people who lost their jobs under Bush to vote! Or soldiers serving in Iraq! Or even people who get their mail at a PO box! I only hope that we overwhelm them so they cannot steal this election, too!

"...will say anything..." Part 2!

"This week, Senator Kerry is again attacking the actions of our military in Iraq with complete disregard for the facts," Mr. Bush told his audience. "Senator Kerry will say anything to get elected. The senator's willingness to trade principle for political convenience makes it clear that John Kerry is the wrong man for the wrong job at the wrong time."

Talk about saying anything to get elected! Bush blatantly lies and says that Kerry is "again attacking the actions of our military in Iraq", when Kerry has plainly said that this new disaster is Bush's fault and NOT the military's. Rudi Guiliani, speaking for the administration, since Bush will not address this blunder himself, has literally said that it is the military's fault! The hypocrisy is never-ending!

"A president cannot blow in the wind," Mr. Bush, speaking in Saginaw, Mich., said, criticizing what he called Mr. Kerry's shifting positions on the war in Iraq. "Mixed signals only confuse our friends, embolden our enemies."

Again, blatant lies - Kerry has not shifted positions on Iraq and has been very clear on his position. Bush keeps returning to this "flip-flop" lie in the hopes that no one in the US watches any news! It seems like there are people who don't watch news and still believe this, amazingly enough!

More Kerry Endorsements

Another conservative magazine, the Economist

And, not surprisingly, another environmentalist

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Loyalty Oath

I knew that this oath was required before seeing Bush, but I had never heard exactly what it said before! From

Republican National Committee Requires Voters To Sign Loyalty Oaths

The Republican National Committee required voters to sign endorsement forms before they attend campaign rallies featuring Vice President Cheney or President Bush.

When Vice President Dick Cheney spoke on July 31st to a crowd of 2,000 in Rio Rancho, NM, voters were required to sign such a form to receive a ticket to hear Cheney. "Whose vice president is he?" asked a 72-year-old John Wade. "I just wanted to hear what my vice president had to say, and they make me sign a loyalty oath."

The form's endorsement begins, "I, ___," requiring individuals to state their name, position, hometown and states, "do hereby endorse George W. Bush for re-election for President of the United States." A disclaimer box underneath the signature line states, "In signing the above endorsement you are consenting to use and release of your name by Bush-Cheney as an endorser of President Bush."

[Boston Globe, 8/9/04, Washington Post, 8/1/04]

I had no idea that they were asking you to consent to have your name used to endorse Bush! This is incredibly scary!

More on the lost tons of munitions

From CNN

According to this non-partisan report (the IAEA is based in Vienna, Austria), the timeline does not allow for any of the poor excuses this administration has been trying to come up with for their negligence. They make a million mistakes and will not admit to any of them!

This article also has the priceless administration quote:
"John Kerry has no vision for fighting and winning the war on terror, so he is basing his attack on the headlines he wakes up to each day," said Bush-Cheney campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt.

God forbid that Kerry should use the news of Bush's mistakes and comment on them in his campaign! It's just not fair using facts against Bush! Bush would never think of such a thing!!!

Jumping to Conclusions

From and others:

Awesome statement today from Wesley Clark on Bush's half-assed response to the missing explosives controversy (via Atrios) :

Today George W. Bush made a very compelling and thoughtful argument for why he should not be reelected. In his own words, he told the American people that "...a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your Commander in Chief.

President Bush couldn't be more right. He jumped to conclusions about any connection between Saddam Hussein and 911. He jumped to conclusions about weapons of mass destruction. He jumped to conclusions about the mission being accomplished. He jumped to conclusions about how we had enough troops on the ground to win the peace. And because he jumped to conclusions, terrorists and insurgents in Iraq may very well have their hands on powerful explosives to attack our troops, we are stuck in Iraq without a plan to win the peace, and Americans are less safe both at home and abroad.

By doing all these things, he broke faith with our men and women in uniform. He has let them down. George W. Bush is unfit to be our Commander in Chief.

Twisting Kerry's words AGAIN

Yet another example of taking Kerry's words out of context and twisting them around to give people the impression that he said the opposite of what he really said! How many times has this happened lately?! Obviously, they have to lie about what Kerry says, because the truth is that he is very consistent in what he says and does - unlike Bush! This has been the 2 campaign stategies all along - Kerry points out all of the things that Bush has done wrong - taken from the headlines - and clearly explains what he will do to fix these things. Bush fabricates lies about Kerry to scare the public because if he told the truth, he would have no ammunition. Which do you prefer?!

Deny, deny, deny

It appears that the Republicans’ policy these days is simply “deny, deny, deny”. I cannot understand how anyone continues to support this administration in light of all of the disasters they have caused, all the lies that they have told, all the continued “flip-flops”, and how dangerous they have made this world. But, I guess they believe that none of these things are true and they are all part of a conspiracy by the “liberal media” or something!

I’m not sure how they can refuse to believe stories that are repeated around the world based on facts, but they will believe any lie based on nothing that is easily refuted as long as one of “their own” has said it! The incompetence and lies continue to grow. Just this week:

1) We discover that 380 tons of explosives have gone missing in Iraq under our watch. Bush refuses to even comment on it, but his people are scrambling to come up with some excuse. I haven’t heard anything plausible yet, though.

2) Bush is now backtracking (“flip-flopping”?) and saying that he does NOT oppose civil unions for gays – despite the fact that he has repeatedly said that he does oppose them throughout his campaign.

3) Bush has asked for MORE money for Iraq – another $60-75 BILLION dollars! I can’t imagine what has happened to the huge surplus he inherited when he took office!

4) Republicans are putting together groups to “challenge” minority voters. This on top of the Republicans groups that have been tearing up Democratic voters’ registrations and requesting absentee ballots in larger numbers than the number of voters in an area!

5) From MSNBC news: The CIA is keeping the lid on a hard-hitting report about agency officials who might be held accountable for 9/11 intel failures. The report identifies a host of current and former officials who could be candidates for possible disciplinary procedures imposed by a special CIA Accountability Board. The inspector general's report—which, sources say, is more pointed than the 9/11 panel's report—is not the only critical intelligence report that won't be seen by the public until after Election Day. Two Senate intelligence committee investigations—into whether the White House misused prewar intelligence about Iraq and whether a special Pentagon unit manipulated intel about Iraq-Al Qaeda links—won't be finished until the end of the year at the earliest, say committee sources.

Big surprise! All of this is being suppressed until AFTER Nov 2!

You would think that ANYONE seeing the number of reports of mistakes and lies would think that, even if they don't believe everything, with this much smoke, there must be a fire somewhere! I guess ignorance truly is bliss!

Another surprising Kerry endorsement!

The American Conservative endorses Kerry! Admittedly, it is a reluctant endorsement, but even they understand how over-the-top Bush is!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

More on "Liberal Media"

I have been trying to wrap my head around the concept of “liberal media” for a while now. Anyone who watches any tv at all knows full well that the bias is overwhelmingly conservative. So, where was this tagline coming from? I think I’ve finally figured it out, thanks to (“we watch Fox so that you don’t have to”).

Apparently, any factual news story that can in any way be construed as negative towards Bush in particular and Republicans in general (and, of course, there are many and many more that are not reported) is an example of the lying “liberal media” at work. (i.e. the current story of the tons of lost munitions in Iraq).

Of course, the mind-boggling number of reports and shows that are ultra-conservative – the insane amount of airtime the swift boat liars received, the twists of Kerry’s words that become talking points forever, the endless repetition of lies about what Kerry has said and done, the lack of coverage of Republican voter frauds and intimidations, the “liberal-bashing” that is pretty much continuous on FoxTV, the coverage of every move Bush makes and lack of questioning of his actions, the suppression of a respectful tribute to those who died in Iraq on 60 minutes, Hannity & Colmes, the O’Reilly Factor, the lack of coverage of Halliburton, the lack of accountability of anyone in this administration and etc etc etc etc (this is what I came up without even trying) – all are examples of…….lying, liberal media?!

OK, I guess I don’t have it all worked out!

Consistently & Dangerously Wrong!

From BBC News:

John Kerry is keeping up his attacks on George W Bush's foreign wars amid news that hundreds of tons of conventional explosives went missing in Iraq after the US-led invasion.
He accused the administration of "unbelievable incompetency" and argued that the president "has failed the test of commander-in-chief".
Mr Bush did not respond directly to Mr Kerry's charge, but said "on the largest national security issues of our time, he has been consistently and dangerously wrong".

The gall of this man to say that anyone else has been "consistently and dangerously wrong"!!!!!!!
This person who has made more mistakes than any president EVER dares to say that Kerry's logical plans for completion of this war and for hunting down terrorists - instead of breeding them, as Bush has done - and actually keeping America safe are "dangerous"! How could we POSSIBLY be in MORE danger than we are now?!?! Bush & Cheney are the ones saying that we will have a huge terrorist attack in one of our major cities - obviously due to their actions during the last 4 years! They are the ones who "flip-flop" on keeping us safe and winning the war on terror! How can ANYONE believe anything this person says?!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Phone harassment

Again, I'm not sure if this is a local phenomenon due to the fact that Nevada is a swing state, but we have received more annoying, insulting and harassing phone calls from the Bush campaign than we ever have in our lives! And our number is unlisted! These calls insult our intelligence - by thinking that we could possibly believe their childish propaganda - and insult our candidate, John Kerry. If I didn't already despise Bush and everything that he stands for, I sure would after all of these calls! Most of the calls do not leave a phone number for you to contact them, but one finally did - the number is 866-640-2874 for those of you who would like to call! I have called at least 3 times to demand that my number be taken off of their lists and they have told me that they "cannot" do that! Please call them to let them know that you do not want to hear their insulting, derisive messages! We are constantly bombarded by conservative propaganda everywhere we turn - we shouldn't have to listen to it on our own phones!

Axis of Evil member, Iran, endorses Bush!

From Yahoo News

This speaks for itself!

They have no intention of playing fair!

Yet another example of the Republicans trying to "fix" this election.

The idea of trying to intimidate people into not voting is sickening!

Another example of Bush's "free speech"!

Now even soldiers on their way to Iraq are not allowed to hear Bush speak!:

Soldier, Democratic supporter among those barred entrance to hear president speak

Throwing us to the wolves

A very funny reaction to the absurd "wolves" commercial by Bush.

And the truth about this commercial:

Scare tactics, anyone?!

Has this administration done ANYTHING right?!

I know that Bush & co. keeps telling us how much less safe we will be when Kerry is president, but i don't know if it is possible to be less safe than we are now! Now we are finding out that while we were occupying Iraq, terrorists have taken weapons from under our noses! We have failed to secure a known weapons stockpile!

NY Times article

This is getting ridiculous! How can anyone condone these actions?!

More joys of living in an ultra-conservative town!

I’m used to the extremely right-wing editorials in our local paper, but this one amazed me! The Sunday Oct 24th edition of the Review Journal had an editorial called “Why Isn’t Kerry Way Ahead?”.

The editorial rambles, and I don’t think there was a single point that was trying to be made. The part that really got to me, though, was when the writer was – apparently – trying to talk about the “liberal media” and the best that he could come up with was “This Week In Washington” – a ½ hour show – on Sunday – at noon – on PBS!!! This was his big indictment!

I had to search to even find this show in my TV guide! So, I watched the show, and it was extremely balanced and gave both sides of the story, which apparently makes it a “liberal” show in the eyes of the Republicans!

The writer then goes on to insult Kerry – repeatedly – as well as the commentator, the French, “unwashed snake-handling Bible-thumpers”, people “still out at the stock car races”, “socialists in California, Daleytown, New York and New England”, “that slow-talking, dimwit, Dwight D. Eisenhower”, “the rest, a huge red mass of pickup trucks with dogs in the back shouting ‘Yahoo’ and anxious to go back and kick tome serious A-rab ass”!

Wow! And this is the main editorial in the main newspaper in town! I guess this is intellectual discourse for the right!

More on voter fraud in Las Vegas

Just found out - in an editorial in the Review Journal praising her! - that the judge who ruled "tough luck" to the democrats whose voter registrations were torn up by a Republican group has a boyfriend who was a member of the Clark County Republican Central Committee!!

Is there EVER a conflict of interest in their eyes?! I guess only if it does not work for them!

She was even given an alternative that was approved by the county's lawyers - people would sign an affidavit saying that they signed up through Voter's Outreach and their name never showed up - but the judge - Valerie Adair - said, no!

She said the voters would have to file individual lawsuits! As if people have the time & the money to do this and as if that could be finished in time for the election!

Its getting worse and worse folks - they will stop at nothing!!!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Michael Moore - Wanted Man!

Yep, since they can't stop him sucessfully getting thousands of young people to register to vote, the Republicans are asking for Michael Moore's arrest!!! Man, did i just not pay attention before or is this a record-breaking amount of insanity coming from the conservatives?!

"Not a metaphor"

More on Bush's continued break with reality:

"Just this morning he (Bush) criticized a Kerry advisor for comparing it to the war on poverty, saying "the war on terror is not a metaphor"."

Ummm....if it is not a metaphor, who and/or where is this "terror" that we're at war with? I mean, I understand that the idea of a "war on terror" is that we're not fighting one particular person, place or thing, but Bush seems to think something else entirely!

Republicans on free speech

A well written personal experience piece showing a couple of examples of the "right's" version of free speech.

fulBush on Civil Rights

Yet ANOTHER government report that shows how badly Bush has done his job! Does ANYONE support this administration anymore?! (Other than FoxTV viewers, of course!) Has he done ANYTHING right?!


( full report)

Another great, informative site

Bob Harris

Today's post shows 3 Oregon teachers who were kicked out of a Bush rally for wearing tshirts that said "protect our civil liberties"!!! That's all - there's a photo! I guess that's something that Bush doesn't believe in.

Yesterday's post shows yet another poll that shows that Bush supporters STILL don't know what his positions are on major issues, still don't know that there were no WMDs in Iraq and that there is no connection between Iraq and al Quada and still don't know how hated we are in the rest of the world! My belief is that anyone who is still pro-Bush - despite everything that he has said & done - only gets their news from FoxTV! That's the only explanation!

Is ANYTHING the Republicans say true?!

More & more out & out lies by bush's side

But, of course, most people believe anything they are told and never hear about the fact that these commercials are filled with lies. It literally makes me sick that they have seemingly unlimited resources for their lies and Kerry has to spend all his time & money just telling the truth. Damn, i wish there was a single non-conservative tv station that would refuse to run ads filled with lies!

Would any other business get away with this?!

The latest on Halliburton

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Powerful ad

I didn't even hear about this one - but Bush is actually JOKING about the lack of WMDs in Iraq, despite that fact that he has murdered 1000's of people and used this as an excuse. I can't believe the continued gall of this administration!

"...will say anything..."

I don't know how many times I can say "amazing", "boggling","wow", etc - I am constantly incredulous at the absurd statements coming out of the mouths of Republicans!
Cheney has recently said that Kerry "will say anything to get elected" because he talks about the very real possibility of a draft under Bush, seeing as Bush has no plans for winning the war in Iraq and apparently wants only Americans casualties. Bush has said that Kerry is using "scare tactics" when he talks about Republican policies and quotes Bush on "privatizing Social Security", but Bush & Cheney constantly talk about terrorists detonating nuclear weapons in major American cities (despite their "best" efforts in their war on terror). They also literally say that if Kerry is elected we will be attacked again! Which is scarier to you?! The hypocrisy is incredible!

94 reasons why NOT to vote for bush!

From the Orlando Weekly

There is no limit to what they will do!

See more examples of our "democracy" at work here and here

The Republicans are tearing up voter registration, trying to keep people from voting, and now even taking the Democratic candidate off the ballot! It boggles the mind! How likely do you think it is that we will have a fair election?!

Bush suppressing more bad news for himself!

From the LA Times, Oct 19,2004

Robert Scheer:

The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket

The agency is withholding a damning report that points at senior officials.

It is shocking: The Bush administration is suppressing a CIA report on 9/11 until after the election, and this one names names. Although the report by the inspector general's office of the CIA was completed in June, it has not been made available to the congressional intelligence committees that mandated the study almost two years ago."

It is infuriating that a report which shows that high-level people were not doing their jobs in a satisfactory manner before 9/11 is being suppressed," an intelligence official who has read the report told me, adding that "the report is potentially very embarrassing for the administration, because it makes it look like they weren't interested in terrorism before 9/11, or in holding people in the government responsible afterward."

When I asked about the report, Rep. Jane Harman (D-Venice), ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, said she and committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.) sent a letter 14 days ago asking for it to be delivered.

"We believe that the CIA has been told not to distribute the report," she said. "We are very concerned."According to the intelligence official, who spoke to me on condition of anonymity, release of the report, which represents an exhaustive 17-month investigation by an 11-member team within the agency, has been "stalled." First by acting CIA Director John McLaughlin and now by Porter J. Goss, the former Republican House member (and chairman of the Intelligence Committee) who recently was appointed CIA chief by President Bush.

The official stressed that the report was more blunt and more specific than the earlier bipartisan reports produced by the Bush-appointed Sept. 11 commission and Congress."What all the other reports on 9/11 did not do is point the finger at individuals, and give the how and what of their responsibility. This report does that," said the intelligence official. "The report found very senior-level officials responsible."

By law, the only legitimate reason the CIA director has for holding back such a report is national security. Yet neither Goss nor McLaughlin has invoked national security as an explanation for not delivering the report to Congress."It surely does not involve issues of national security," said the intelligence official."The agency directorate is basically sitting on the report until after the election," the official continued. "No previous director of CIA has ever tried to stop the inspector general from releasing a report to the Congress, in this case a report requested by Congress."

None of this should surprise us given the Bush administration's great determination since 9/11 to resist any serious investigation into how the security of this nation
was so easily breached. In Bush's much ballyhooed war on terror, ignorance has been bliss.The president fought against the creation of the Sept. 11 commission, for example, agreeing only after enormous political pressure was applied by a grass-roots movement led by the families of those slain.And then Bush refused to testify to the commission under oath, or on the record. Instead he deigned only to chat with the commission members, with Vice President Dick Cheney present, in a White House meeting in which commission members were not allowed to take notes. All in all, strange behavior for a man who seeks reelection to the top office in the land based on his handling of the so-called war on terror.

In September, the New York Times reported that several family members met with Goss privately to demand the release of the CIA inspector general's report. "Three
thousand people were killed on 9/11, and no one has been held accountable," 9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser told the paper.The failure to furnish the report to Congress, said Harman, "fuels the perception that no one is being held accountable. It is unacceptable that we don't have [the report]; it not only disrespects Congress but it disrespects the American people."The stonewalling by the Bush administration and the failure of Congress to gain release of the report have, said the intelligence source, "led the management of the CIA to believe it can engage in a cover-up with impunity. Unless the public demands an accounting, the administration and CIA's leadership will have won and the nation will have lost."

Dick Cheney

An interesting Canadian site on Cheney's history

Lots of good info!

Draft or not?

Bush at the debate:
"there will be no draft"
Bush at a speech a couple of days ago:
"There will be no all-volunteer army"

Someone in the crowd corrected him, but was this a Freudian slip? Seeing as he seems to want continued warfare throughout the world (and, of course, do it all on our own), it seems hard to believe that a draft won't be instituted, but you never know! It's not like he's kept his word before!

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump

Those of you who do not live in Nevada may not even be aware that Bush & co. are trying to push through a nuclear dump about 100 miles from Las Vegas! Boy, that's a way to insure tourists to come to town, isn't it?!
It's bad enough that nuclear waste would be trucked throughout the country and through major cities on the way here, which, of course, is a clear invitation to terrorists if there ever was one. On top of that, they expect and accept that there will be "accidents" and find that acceptable! I guess the people in downtown LA wouldn't think so, if it happened there!
But even worse is that scientists are saying that this site is not safe, yet it is being pushed through regardless.
The Sierra Club is sending out a petition saying that if its good enough for Nevada, then its good enough for a ranch in Crawford, Texas!

Please sign this petition and send it around!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"Against All Enemies"

I know that this book has been out for a while, but I just got a copy from our local library (!) and it is a great, informative read. Richard Clarke worked with Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr. and so has a unique view of current events! He was one of the main people involved in our anti-terrorism agencies and he says what each president did wrong and right. You might be surprised at how involved Clinton was in anti-terrorism and fighting Al Qaida and bin Ladin in particular. Bush's administration was so anti-Clinton that they ignored all the warnings and reports that Clinton's administration wanted to give to them. Clarke does not go so far as to suggest that if Gore became president (as the people wanted) then 9/11 would have been avoided, but since Gore was already fighting al Qaida and was aware of the people involved, at least we would have had a chance! I'm sure he wouldn't have spent most of his first year in office on vacation as the shrub did! It is just too bad that Clinton was persecuted for his lack of moral judgement. If only bush would be, as well!

Blind to the Bigger Picture

Why can this administration not ever see the full picture of any issue? Here's a perfect example:

WASHINGTON -- More than 47 million Americans receiving Social Security will get a 2.7 percent increase _ an extra $25, on average _ in their monthly checks next year, but much of the increase will be eaten up by higher Medicare premiums.

Of course, the administration will say they are doing so much good because they raised Social Security, but, like our tax cuts that were eaten up by the rising prices of everything else in the world!, this raise in SS gets eaten away, as well. We need someone who can look at the world without blinders on!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Oct 13th Debate Highlights

It’s taken me a while to get to this because my personal life has been a bit hectic, but here are my highlights from the last debate. It’s just a shame that the transcripts do not show the smirks, giggles and guffaws from Bush, so I don’t remember how many serious questions were answered with laughter, but some of his answers were laughable!

Bush: I have got a comprehensive strategy to not only chase down the Al Qaida, wherever it exists – and we're making progress; three-quarters of Al Qaida leaders have been brought to justice – but to make sure that countries that harbor terrorists are held to account.
(As noted before, it is not true that three-quarters of Al Qaida are in custody and I don’t know what other country he is talking about since Iraq did not harbor any known terrorists!)
My opponent just this weekend talked about how terrorism could be reduced to a nuisance, comparing it to prostitution, illegal gambling. I think that attitude and that point of view is dangerous.
(Obviously, he is forgetting that he has said the same thing previously!)
I signed the homeland security bill to better align our assets and resources.
(After first vetoing it!)
BUSH: Gosh, I just don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden. It's kind of one of those exaggerations.
(As everyone knows, this is a flat out lie!)
We have a problem with litigation in the United States of America. Vaccine manufacturers are worried about getting sued, and therefore they have backed off from providing this kind of vaccine.
(Has ANYONE except Bush said that this is a reason why we don’t have flu vaccines?!)
BUSH: He just said he wants everybody to be able to buy in to the same plan that senators and congressmen get. That costs the government $7,700 per family. If every family in America signed up, like the senator suggested, if would cost us $5 trillion over 10 years.
(Completely fictional figures!)
Kerry: This president has never once vetoed one bill; the first president in a hundred years not to do that.
(THAT is a boggling fact!)
BUSH: He been a senator for 20 years. He voted to increase taxes 98 times. When they tried to reduce taxes, he voted against that 127 times. He talks about being a fiscal conservative, or fiscally sound, but he voted over – he voted 277 times to waive the budget caps, which would have cost the taxpayers $4.2 trillion.
(More completely fictional figures!)
He talks about PAYGO. I'll tell you what PAYGO means, when you're a senator from Massachusetts, when you're a colleague of Ted Kennedy, pay go means: You pay, and he goes ahead and spends.
(Where does he get this stuff from? And what’s with the continual references to Kennedy?!)
He's proposed $2.2 trillion of new spending
(Bush has proposed $3 trillion)
SCHIEFFER: Mr. President, what do you say to someone in this country who has lost his job to someone overseas who's being paid a fraction of what that job paid here in the United States?

Bush talks about education instead.

KERRY: I want you to notice how the president switched away from jobs and started talking about education principally. This president has taken a $5.6 trillion surplus and turned it into deficits as far as the eye can see. Health-care costs for the average American have gone up 64 percent; tuitions have gone up 35 percent; gasoline prices up 30 percent; Medicare premiums went up 17 percent a few days ago; prescription drugs are up 12 percent a year. But guess what, America? The wages of Americans have gone down. The jobs that are being created in Arizona right now are paying about $13,700 less than the jobs that we're losing. And the president just walks on by this problem. The fact is that he's cut job-training money. $1 billion was cut. They only added a little bit back this year because it's an election year.

KERRY: I have supported or voted for tax cuts over 600 times. I broke with my party in order to balance the budget, and Ronald Reagan signed into law the tax cut that we voted for. I voted for IRA tax cuts. I voted for small-business tax cuts. But you know why the Pell Grants have gone up in their numbers? Because more people qualify for them because they don't have money. But they're not getting the $5,100 the president promised them. They're getting less money. We have more people who qualify. That's not what we want.
BUSH: Senator, no one's playing with your votes. You voted to increase taxes 98 times. When they voted – when they proposed reducing taxes, you voted against it 126 times.
(3rd time so far that he’s lied about this)
You know, there's a main stream in American politics and you sit right on the far left bank. As a matter of fact, your record is such that Ted Kennedy, your colleague, is the conservative senator from Massachusetts.
(second time he’s compared him to Kennedy – at least he’s not CALLING him Kennedy this time! Apparently, this “liberal” label is supposed to be the worst of insults. I wish Kerry was MORE liberal myself!)
SCHIEFFER: Both of you are opposed to gay marriage. But to understand how you have come to that conclusion, I want to ask you a more basic question. Do you believe homosexuality is a choice?
BUSH: You know, Bob, I don't know. I just don't know. But as we respect someone's rights, and as we profess tolerance, we shouldn't change – or have to change – our basic views on the sanctity of marriage. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I think it's very important that we protect marriage as an institution, between a man and a woman. I proposed a constitutional amendment. The reason I did so was because I was worried that activist judges are actually defining the definition of marriage, and the surest way to protect marriage between a man and woman is to amend the Constitution. It has also the benefit of allowing citizens to participate in the process. After all, when you amend the Constitution, state legislatures must participate in the ratification of the Constitution. But I'm concerned that that will get overturned. And if it gets overturned, then we'll end up with marriage being defined by courts, and I don't think that's in our nation's interests.
(Wait a minute - by having the government define marriage that will keep the courts from defining marriage?!?!)

KERRY: We're all God's children, Bob. And I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was, she's being who she was born as. I think if you talk to anybody, it's not choice. The president and I share the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. I believe that. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. But I also believe that because we are the United States of America, we're a country with a great, unbelievable Constitution, with rights that we afford people, that you can't discriminate in the workplace. You can't discriminate in the rights that you afford people. You can't disallow someone the right to visit their partner in a hospital. You have to allow people to transfer property, which is why I'm for partnership rights and so forth. Now, with respect to DOMA and the marriage laws, the states have always been able to manage those laws. And they're proving today, every state, that they can manage them adequately.
SCHIEFFER: The New York Times reports that some Catholic archbishops are telling their church members that it would be a sin to vote for a candidate like you because you support a woman's right to choose an abortion and unlimited stem-cell research. What is your reaction to that?
KERRY: I respect their views. I completely respect their views. I am a Catholic. And I grew up learning how to respect those views. But I disagree with them, as do many. I believe that I can't legislate or transfer to another American citizen my article of faith. What is an article of faith for me is not something that I can legislate on somebody who doesn't share that article of faith. I believe that choice is a woman's choice. It's between a woman, God and her doctor. And that's why I support that. Now, I will not allow somebody to come in and change Roe v. Wade.
The president has never said whether or not he would do that. But we know from the people he's tried to appoint to the court he wants to. I will not. I will defend the right of Roe v. Wade. Now, with respect to religion, you know, as I said, I grew up a Catholic. I was an altar boy. I know that throughout my life this has made a difference to me.
And as President Kennedy said when he ran for president, he said, I'm not running to be a Catholic president. I'm running to be a president who happens to be Catholic.
(Again, Kerry shows that he is a strong leader that will not be influenced by outside sources and will vote regardless of his personal bias – obviously, very different from Bush!)
BUSH: I think it's important, since he talked about the Medicare plan, has he been in the United States Senate for 20 years? He has no record on reforming of health care. No record at all.
KERRY: Once again, the president is misleading America. I've actually passed 56 individual bills that I've personally written and, in addition to that, and not always under my name, there is amendments on certain bills.
But more importantly, with respect to the question of no record, I helped write – I did write, I was one of the original authors of the early childhood health care and the expansion of health care that we did in the middle of the 1990s. And I'm very proud of that. So the president's wrong.
KERRY: Well, two leading national news networks have both said the president's characterization of my health-care plan is incorrect. One called it fiction. The other called it untrue.
BUSH: In all due respect, I'm not so sure it's credible to quote leading news organizations about – oh, never mind.
(Almost cuts his own throat seeing as most of the news networks are overwhelmingly conservative!)
And just look at other countries that have tried to have federally controlled health care. They have poor-quality health care. Our health-care system is the envy of the world because we believe in making sure that the decisions are made by doctors and patients, not by officials in the nation's capital.
(WHAT?! Does he really think that Europe & Canada ENVIES our health care system?! Not any of the Europeans and Canadians I know!!! – and I do know a lot! – they think our system is stupid and primitive)
SCHIEFFER: We all know that Social Security is running out of money, and it has to be fixed. You have proposed to fix it by letting people put some of the money collected to pay benefits into private savings accounts. But the critics are saying that's going to mean finding $1 trillion over the next 10 years to continue paying benefits as those accounts are being set up. So where do you get the money? Are you going to have to increase the deficit by that much over 10 years?
BUSH: There is a problem for our youngsters, a real problem. And if we don't act today, the problem will be valued in the trillions. I believe that younger workers ought to be allowed to take some of their own money and put it in a personal savings account, because I understand that they need to get better rates of return than the rates of return being given in the current Social Security trust.
KERRY: You just heard the president say that young people ought to be able to take money out of Social Security and put it in their own accounts. Now, my fellow Americans, that's an invitation to disaster.
The CBO said very clearly that if you were to adopt the president's plan, there would be a $2 trillion hole in Social Security, because today's workers pay in to the system for today's retirees. And the CBO said – that's the Congressional Budget Office; it's bipartisan – they said that there would have to be a cut in benefits of 25 percent to 40 percent. Now, the president has never explained to America, ever, hasn't done it tonight, where does the transitional money, that $2 trillion, come from? He's already got $3 trillion, according to The Washington Post, of expenses that he's put on the line from his convention and the promises of this campaign, none of which are paid for. Not one of them are paid for. The fact is that the president is driving the largest deficits in American history. He's broken the pay-as-you-go rules. I have a record of fighting for fiscal responsibility. In 1985, I was one of the first Democrats – broke with my party. We balanced the budget in the '90s. We paid down the debt for two years.
And that's what we're going to do. We're going to protect Social Security. I will not privatize it. I will not cut the benefits. And we're going to be fiscally responsible. And we will take care of Social Security.

This is the same thing we heard – remember, I appeared on Meet the Press with Tim Russert in 1990-something. We heard the same thing. We fixed it.
In fact, we put together a $5.6 trillion surplus in the '90s that was for the purpose of saving Social Security. If you take the tax cut that the president of the United States has given – President Bush gave to Americans in the top 1 percent of America – just that tax cut that went to the top 1 percent of America would have saved Social Security until the year 2075.
But the first and most important thing is to start creating jobs in America. The jobs the president is creating pay $9,000 less than the jobs that we're losing. And this is the first president in 72 years to preside over an economy in America that has lost jobs, 1.6 million jobs.
Eleven other presidents – six Democrats and five Republicans – had wars, had recessions, had great difficulties; none of them lost jobs the way this president has.
Bush: And the tax relief was important to spur consumption and investment to get us out of this recession. People need to remember: Six months prior to my arrival, the stock market started to go down. And it was one of the largest declines in our history. And then we had a recession and we got attacked, which cost us 1 million jobs.
(Wow – I read this wrong at first – I thought that he was admitting the truth that the problems happened AFTER he took office – not before! But, of course, he has said that he cannot admit a mistake!)
KERRY: The American middle class family isn't making it right now, Bob. And what the president said about the tax cuts has been wiped out by the increase in health care, the increase in gasoline, the increase in tuitions, the increase in prescription drugs.
The fact is, the take home pay of a typical American family as a share of national income is lower than it's been since 1929. And the take home pay of the richest 1 percent of Americans is the highest it's been since 1928.
Under President Bush, the middle class has seen their tax burden go up and the wealthiest's tax burden has gone down. Now that's wrong.
SCHIEFFER: The gap between rich and poor is growing wider. More people are dropping into poverty. Yet the minimum wage has been stuck at, what, $5.15 an hour now for about seven years. Is it time to raise it?
KERRY: It's long overdue time to raise the minimum wage. And, America, this is one of those issues that separates the president and myself. We have fought to try to raise the minimum wage in the last years. But the Republican leadership of the House and Senate won't even let us have a vote on it. We're not allowed to vote on it. They don't want to raise the minimum wage. The minimum wage is the lowest minimum wage value it has been in our nation in 50 years. If we raise the minimum wage, which I will do over several years to $7 an hour, 9.2 million women who are trying to raise their families would earn another $3,800 a year.
The president has denied 9.2 million women $3,800 a year, but he doesn't hesitate to fight for $136,000 to a millionaire.
What we need to do is raise the minimum wage. We also need to hold onto equal pay. Women work for 76 cents on the dollar for the same work that men do. That's not right in America.
And we had an initiative that we were working on to raise women's pay. They've cut it off. They've stopped it. They don't enforce these kinds of things.
Now, I think that it a matter of fundamental right that if we raise the minimum wage, 15 million Americans would be positively affected. We'd put money into the hands of people who work hard, who obey the rules, who play for the American Dream.
And if we did that, we'd have more consumption ability in America, which is what we need right in order to kick our economy into gear. I will fight tooth and nail to pass the minimum wage.
BUSH: Actually, Mitch McConnell had a minimum-wage plan that I supported that would have increased the minimum wage.
(He mentions a plan that did nothing then he starts talking about education again!)
SCHIEFFER: You had never said whether you would like to overturn Roe v. Wade. So I'd ask you directly, would you like to?
BUSH: What he's asking me is, will I have a litmus test for my judges? And the answer is, no, I will not have a litmus test. I will pick judges who will interpret the Constitution, but I'll have no litmus test.

KERRY: Well, again, the president didn't answer the question.
I'll answer it straight to America. I'm not going to appoint a judge to the Court who's going to undo a constitutional right, whether it's the First Amendment, or the Fifth Amendment, or some other right that's given under our courts today – under the Constitution. And I believe that the right of choice is a constitutional right.
So I don't intend to see it undone.
Clearly, the president wants to leave in ambivalence or intends to undo it.
And yet the president who talks about No Child Left Behind refused to fully fund – by $28 billion – that particular program so you can make a difference in the lives of those young people.
Now right here in Arizona, that difference would have been $131 million to the state of Arizona to help its kids be able to have better education and to lift the property tax burden from its citizens. The president reneged on his promise to fund No Child Left Behind.
He'll tell you he's raised the money, and he has. But he didn't put in what he promised, and that makes a difference in the lives of our children.
BUSH: And secondly, only a liberal senator from Massachusetts would say that a 49 percent increase in funding for education was not enough.
(How many times now has he called Kerry a liberal?!)
KERRY: You don't measure it by a percentage increase. Mr. President, you measure it by whether you're getting the job done.
Five hundred thousand kids lost after-school programs because of your budget.
Now, that's not in my gut. That's not in my value system, and certainly not so that the wealthiest people in America can walk away with another tax cut.
$89 billion last year to the top 1 percent of Americans, but kids lost their after-school programs. You be the judge.
BUSH: In our first debate he proposed America pass a global test. In order to defend ourselves, we'd have to get international approval. That's one of the major differences we have about defending our country.
(Still another lie about Kerry’s easy-to-understand global test!)
KERRY: I have never suggested a test where we turn over our security to any nation. In fact, I've said the opposite: I will never turn the security of the United States over to any nation. No nation will ever have a veto over us.
But I think it makes sense, I think most Americans in their guts know, that we ought to pass a sort of truth standard. That's how you gain legitimacy with your own countrypeople, and that's how you gain legitimacy in the world.
But I'll never fail to protect the United States of America
SCHIEFFER: You said that if Congress would vote to extend the ban on assault weapons, that you'd sign the legislation, but you did nothing to encourage the Congress to extend it. Why not?
BUSH: Actually, I made my intentions – made my views clear. I did think we ought to extend the assault weapons ban, and was told the fact that the bill was never going to move, because Republicans and Democrats were against the assault weapon ban, people of both parties. I believe law-abiding citizens ought to be able to own a gun. I believe in background checks at gun shows or anywhere to make sure that guns don't get in the hands of people that shouldn't have them.
KERRY: I believe it was a failure of presidential leadership not to reauthorize the assault weapons ban.
But I'll tell you this. I'm also a former law enforcement officer. I ran one of the largest district attorney's offices in America, one of the ten largest. I put people behind bars for the rest of their life. I've broken up organized crime. I know something about prosecuting. And most of the law enforcement agencies in America wanted that assault weapons ban. They don't want to go into a drug bust and be facing an AK-47.
Because of the president's decision today, law enforcement officers will walk into a place that will be more dangerous. Terrorists can now come into America and go to a gun show and, without even a background check, buy an assault weapon today.
And that's what Osama bin Laden's handbook said, because we captured it in Afghanistan. It encouraged them to do it.
So I believe America's less safe.
If Tom DeLay or someone in the House said to me, Sorry, we don't have the votes, I'd have said, Then we're going to have a fight.
And I'd have taken it out to the country and I'd have had every law enforcement officer in the country visit those congressmen. We'd have won what Bill Clinton won.
SCHIEFFER: Senator Kerry, after 9/11 it seemed to me that the country came together as I've never seen it come together since World War II. But some of that seems to have melted away. I think it's fair to say we've become pretty polarized, perhaps because of the political season. But if you were elected president, or whoever is elected president, will you set a priority in trying to bring the nation back together? Or what would be your attitude on that?
KERRY: Very much so.
Let me pay a compliment to the president, if I may. I think in those days after 9/11, I thought the president did a terrific job. And I really was moved, as well as impressed, by the speech that he gave to the Congress.
And I think the hug Tom Daschle gave him at that moment was about as genuine a sense of there being no Democrats, no Republicans, we were all just Americans. That's where we were.
That's not where we are today. I regret to say that the president who called himself a uniter, not a divider, is now presiding over the most divided America in the recent memory of our country. I've never seen such ideological squabbles in the Congress of the United States. I've never seen members of a party locked out of meetings the way they're locked out today.
We have to change that. And as president, I am committed to changing that. I don't care if the idea comes from the other side or this side. I think we have to come together and work to change it.
And I've done that. I've reached across the aisle. I've tried to find the common ground, because that's what makes us strong as Americans.
And if Americans trust me with the presidency, I can pledge to you, we will have the most significant effort, openly – not secret meetings in the White House with special interests, not ideologically driven efforts to push people aside – but a genuine effort to try to restore America's hope and possibilities by bringing people together.
BUSH: My biggest disappointment in Washington is how partisan the town is. I had a record of working with Republicans and Democrats as the governor of Texas, and I was hopeful I'd be able to do the same thing.
My opponent said this is a bitterly divided time. Pretty divided in the 2000 election. So in other words, it's pretty divided during the 1990s as well.
(It is very apparent that this country is FAR more divided now than any time in recent history! And we are divided because of what the president has done, not, as in Clinton’s term, because of Republican lies about what the president has done!)

Again, sorry this is so long, but a lot of good comments were made! Once again, Kerry proved himself the man with real plans and not more of the horrible mistakes that we have suffered through for the last 4 years! Let us hope that people will look around them and realize that this country NEEDS a change!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Surprise Surprise!

Well, the judges have decided that they will NOT let the Democratic voters whose registration was destroyed by Voter's Outreach of America re-register! Ah, life in a conservative town! I guess the Republicans are determined to make this state the Florida of 2004 and steal this election, too! I think we are going to outnumber them no matter how much they try to cheat and steal though! Come on and prove me right people!!!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Almost funny, in a pathetic sort of way

I'm looking at yet another Bush speech where yet again he states that Kerry's proposals would increase spending by 2.2 trillion dollars (by his figures, which are always suspect!). Nowhere does anyone seem to report that Bush's proposals would increase spending by THREE trillion dollars! Well, maybe its just where I live! Maybe other towns get the complete picture!

The Joys of living in Las Vegas!

Actually, Las Vegas has been very good to us since we arrived - we got here before the housing boom and found a nice, affordable place and have settled in pretty well. Unfortunately, we are often reminded of how conservative this town is - particularly when reading the local paper, the Review Journal. They freely admit being biased towards Bush, as is evident in their "reporting". Very much of a change from LA!
Anyway, the latest political scandal out here is that a Republican group (Voter's Outreach of America) was signing up voters to register in front of stores and such. Very nice idea - very convienent! Unfortunately, any Democrats that signed up would have their registration torn up once they left! So, now a large number of people who believed that they were registered to vote are not eligible and now it is too late and there is too little manpower to admend this! Needless to say, this is extremely illegal and it is being looked into, but it is probably too late. I guess since Bush didn't win the popular vote last time, no Republican sees a problem with it happening a second time - no matter what it takes!

Fun with lesbianism!

So what's the big brouhaha over Kerry's very kind remarks about Cheney's daughter being a lesbian during the debate?! Cheney was the first person to mention that he had a gay child and since one of Bush's big issues is denying rights to gays, it seems more than fitting that Kerry should be able to mention this fact. When Edwards (also very nicely) mentioned it during the VP debates, Cheney simply thanked him for "kind words" and did not even try to rationalize Bush's anti-gay amendment. Now that Kerry mentions it, as well, suddenly he is a horrible man and suddenly the previously supportive Cheneys are now ashamed of their daughter. Does anyone seriously think that the Republicans would not bring this up if Kerry or Edwards had a gay child? C'mon! Be realistic!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Scowls to Smirks

Well, the final debate is over and Kerry unquestionably won all 3! Great, great job! As usual, he was well-spoken, knowledgeable, and clearly defined his plans and how they will repair the damage that Bush has done to our country and to the world.
At first I thought that Bush was doing a decent job himself. Then I noticed that he was smirking and laughing at literally every single statement made by himself or anyone else. I know that he was advised not to scowl, as he did on the first debate, or look completely blank and dumbfounded, as he did on the second debate, but this really started getting spooky. I don't know if he actually finds issues like the economy, civil rights, women's rights, etc to be humorous, but he certainly did not seem to be taking this debate seriously. I would be the last person to say that the president was high or something, but that truly was the way he acted. Did somebody slip him something to calm him down so he wouldn't attack the commentator like he did last time? It was just plain weird.

More on the issues when I have a little more time. In the meantime, congrats again to John Kerry for showing us what a president can really act like!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Compare and Contrast on the Issues

MSNBC's poll to determine who you agree with! Interesting information on the candidates' stances on the issues. Upon first reading this I thought it was actually skewed towards Kerry, but then I realized that it is just that Bush is so off the mark on every issue that when giving non-partisan views it naturally looks like it is pro-Kerry! I still cannot comprehend anyone actually thinking that Bush's stand on any of these issues is the correct one!

More Lies & Distortions (surprise!) from the Bush Campaign

Yet another ad that lies & deceives the public. Thank goodness for FactCheck! Even I didn't realize that the "recession" that Bush continually claims he inherited hadn't actually happened until 10 months after he took office! I always wondered about that, since the economy seemed to be doing pretty well until he came along! And, of course, Bush hasn't created jobs, but lost them! On top of that he is now taking credit for things that won't happen for 2 years!

We Are Winning!

The Nationwide polls are showing that we have a distinct lead now! We have to keep up the great work! I'm sure that Kerry will continue to do his superb job on this week's debate. The American people are seeing the desperation in the ploys of the Republicans. It is tough to counter all of the facilities that the right has at their disposal. It was almost humorous - when watching the news that Kerry is ahead in the Nationwide polls, they had to show polls of the states that were still slightly for Bush! I never saw that when Bush was ahead! Did I just miss it? Seems somewhat skewed! Even when Edwards was on Meet the Press, Tim Russert asked him at least 3 times "well, you voted for the war now you are against it"! Every time Edwards had to stop and say, no, we did not vote for war, we voted for the use of force as leverage against Saddam with war as last option. Everyone knows that is what Kerry & Edwards did, but everyone in the media tries to distort this position. It is the usual Republican ploy - make the opposition continually defend itself against lies so that it doesn't have the time to show the Republican's mistakes. It seems that the American public now sees what is going on! Let's keep exposing the truth!

Monday, October 11, 2004


Oh my lord! Once again the Republicans take a quote out of context for an attack. They cannot attack Kerry's deeds or records, so they twist his words to mean the exact opposite of what he actually said. Today Kerry said that he would like to bring terrorism back to a level where it is merely considered a nuisance. Somehow, Republicans have twisted that to say that Kerry now thinks that terrorism is only a nuisance! The gall is unmitigated! They do this over and over - the sensitive quote, the global test quote, the for the money then against the money - every statement that Kerry has made has confirmed his consistent stance and this administration takes his words out of context and simply lies about what he said. It is infuriating that they can continually get away with it! Hopefully, the public will find out the truth behind these frightened antics!

Highlights of Oct 8 Debate

Bush: “And obviously we hope that diplomacy works before you ever use force. The hardest decision a president makes is ever to use force.”” So I tried diplomacy, went to the United Nations.”
(“Obviously” he did not exhaust diplomacy before he used force.)
“And the unique threat was that he could give weapons of mass destruction to an organization like Al Qaida, and the harm they inflicted on us with airplanes would be multiplied greatly by weapons of mass destruction. And that was the serious, serious threat. “
(It has been proven over and over that there was no connection between Saddam and al Qaida.)
BUSH: Saddam Hussein was a threat because he could have given weapons of mass destruction to terrorist enemies. Sanctions were not working. The United Nations was not effective at removing Saddam Hussein.
KERRY: The goal of the sanctions was not to remove Saddam Hussein, it was to remove the weapons of mass destruction. And, Mr. President, just yesterday the Duelfer report told you and the whole world they worked. He didn't have weapons of mass destruction, Mr. President. That was the objective.
Kerry: Senator Richard Lugar, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, said that the handling of the reconstruction aid in Iraq by this administration has been incompetent. Those are the Republican chairman's words. Senator Hagel of Nebraska said that the handling of Iraq is beyond pitiful, beyond embarrassing; it's in the zone of dangerous. Those are the words of two Republicans, respected, both on the Foreign Relations Committee.
Bush: “Nobody is going to follow somebody who doesn't believe we can succeed and with somebody who says that war where we are is a mistake. “ (Kerry has never said that we cannot succeed and in fact, actually has a plan to do so, unlike Bush!)
When asked: “Mr. President, my mother and sister traveled abroad this summer, and when they got back they talked to us about how shocked they were at the intensity of aggravation that other countries had with how we handled the Iraq situation. Diplomacy is obviously something that we really have to really work on. What is your plan to repair relations with other countries given the current situation?”
Bush gave another roundabout non-answer – basically he explains the many reasons why we are unpopular without saying how he will resolve these problems.
BUSH: “That answer almost made me want to scowl. He keeps talking about, Let the inspectors do their job. It's naive and dangerous to say that. That's what the Duelfer report showed. He was deceiving the inspectors. “
(Again, a blatant lie – there was no deception – there were no weapons! He refers to this repeatedly, even though it is proof that he is wrong, he tries to say that it proves he is right! Amazing!)
GIBSON: Mr. President, let's extend for a minute...
BUSH: Let me just -- I've got to answer this.
GIBSON: Exactly. And with Reservists being held on duty...
BUSH: Let me answer what he just said, about around the world.
GIBSON: Well, I want to get into the issue of the back-door draft...
(Bush is obviously being allowed to talk, but is so insistent that he doesn’t realize that he is being given this extension, even though Gibson does not have to allow it)
KERRY: Mr. President, countries are leaving the coalition, not joining. Eight countries have left it. If Missouri, just given the number of people from Missouri who are in the military over there today, were a country, it would be the third largest country in the coalition, behind Great Britain and the United States. That's not a grand coalition.
Bush: “First of all, I don't think he can succeed in Iraq. And if Iraq were to fail, it'd be a haven for terrorists, and there would be money and the world would be much more dangerous. “
(Sorry but it now a haven for terrorists because of our actions!)
Bush: “I don't see how you can win in Iraq if you don't believe we should be there in the first place. I don't see how you can lead troops if you say it's the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time.”
(It WAS the wrong war at the wrong time – he keeps repeating this in the hopes that people will forget that this is true - but now we have to fix this disaster so that we are not even more hated in the world!)
Bush: “I don't see how the Iraqis are going to have confidence in the American president if all they hear is that it was a mistake to be there in the first place.”
(They don’t have to hear that from us! They can look around them as see what a mistake it was! I can’t imagine that they have much confidence in the president that bombed them!)
“This war is a long, long war”(I thought we had already won the war?!)
Bush: Now, he talks about Medicare. He's been in the United States Senate 20 years. Show me one accomplishment toward Medicare that he accomplished.
KERRY: Actually, Mr. President, in 1997 we fixed Medicare, and I was one of the people involved in it. We not only fixed Medicare and took it way out into the future, we did something that you don't know how to do: We balanced the budget. And we paid down the debt of our nation for two years in a row, and we created 23 million new jobs at the same time. And it's the president's fiscal policies that have driven up the biggest deficits in American history. He's added more debt to the debt of the United States in four years than all the way from George Washington to Ronald Reagan put together. Go figure.
LAURENT: Senator Kerry, you've stated your concern for the rising cost of health care, yet you chose a vice presidential candidate who has made millions of dollars successfully suing medical professionals. How do you reconcile this with the voters?
KERRY: Very easily. John Edwards is the author of the Patients' Bill of Rights. He wanted to give people rights. John Edwards and I support tort reform.
Is it a problem? Yes, it's a problem. Do we need to fix it? Yes. But it's less than 1 percent of the total cost of health care. Your premiums are going up. You've gone up, in Missouri, about $3,500. You've gone up 64 percent. You've seen co-pays go up, deductibles go up. Everything's gone up. Five million people have lost their health insurance under this president. He's done nothing about it. I have a plan.
Bush: First, the National Journal named Senator Kennedy the most liberal senator of all. And that's saying something in that bunch. You might say that took a lot of hard work.
(is this relevant – oh wait, he means Kerry!)
"Secondly, he says that medical liability costs only cause a 1 percent increase. That shows a lack of understanding. Doctors practice defensive medicine because of all the frivolous lawsuits that cost our government $28 billion a year." (See for the truth about this lie)
"And finally, he said he's going to have a novel health care plan. You know what it is? The federal government is going to run it."(another outright lie)
"That's what liberals do. They create government-sponsored health care. Maybe you think that makes sense. I don't. Government-sponsored health care would lead to rationing. It would ruin the quality of health care in America." (still another lie - again, see for all of these lies)
O'BRIEN: Mr. President, you have enjoyed a Republican majority in the House and Senate for most of your presidency. In that time, you've not vetoed a single spending bill. Excluding $120 billion spent in Iran and -- I'm sorry, Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been $700 billion spent and not paid for by taxes. Please explain how the spending you have approved and not paid for is better for the American people than the spending proposed by your opponent.
Bsuh: “And you're right, I haven't vetoed any spending bills, because we work together. Non-homeland, non-defense discretionary spending was raising at 15 percent a year when I got into office. And today it's less than 1 percent, because we're working together to try to bring this deficit under control.” (So, he is admitting that he is working at controlling the deficit by cutting homeland programs that we desperately need!)
Kerry: He talked about war. This is the first time the United States of America has ever had a tax cut when we're at war. After 9/11, after the recession had ended, the president asked for another tax cut and promised 5.6 million jobs would be created. He lost 1.6 million, ladies and gentlemen. And most of that tax cut went to the wealthiest people in the country. He came and asked for a tax cut -- we wanted a tax cut to kick the economy into gear. Do you know what he presented us with? A $25 billion giveaway to the biggest corporations in America, including a $254 million refund check to Enron. Wrong priorities. You are my priority.
Bush: We've got battling green eye shades. (is this just a really strange statement? I guess that he’s making some reference to accounting, but it sure seems obscure! I thought he was talking about makeup at first!)
BUSH: “Yes, I mean, he's got a record. It's been there for 20 years. You can run, but you can't hide.” (he kept repeating this as if it made sense – we never understood what this meant until a moderator gave their opinion). “He voted 98 times to raise taxes. I mean, these aren't make-up figures.” (Actually, yes they are!)
Bush : This is different from saying, OK, let me incent you to go on the government. (does this make any sense?)
FOWLER: President Bush, 45 days after 9/11, Congress passed the Patriot Act, which takes away checks on law enforcement and weakens American citizens' rights and freedoms, especially Fourth Amendment rights. With expansions to the Patriot Act and Patriot Act II, my question to you is, why are my rights being watered down and my citizens' around me? And what are the specific justifications for these reforms?
BUSH: I really don't think your rights are being watered down. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't support it if I thought that. So I really don't think so. I hope you don't think that. I mean, I -- because I think whoever is the president must guard your liberties, must not erode your rights in America. (True – which is why we need a new president!)
MICHAELSON: Mr. President, if there were a vacancy in the Supreme Court and you had the opportunity to fill that position today, who would you choose and why?
BUSH: “I'm not telling. I wouldn't pick a judge who said that the Pledge of Allegiance couldn't be said in a school because it had the words under God in it. I think that's an example of a judge allowing personal opinion to enter into the decision-making process as opposed to a strict interpretation of the Constitution.” (No, actually, it is making the distinction of separation of church and state!)
“Another example would be the Dred Scott case, which is where judges, years ago, said that the Constitution allowed slavery because of personal property rights.” (Good to know that Bush is against slavery!)
“That's a personal opinion. That's not what the Constitution says. The Constitution of the United States says we're all -- you know, it doesn't say that. It doesn't speak to the equality of America.” (Wait – he says that the Constitution does NOT speak to the equality of America! That explains why he wants an amendment discriminating against gays!)
KERRY: A few years ago when he came to office, the president said -- these are his words -- What we need are some good conservative judges on the courts. I subscribe to the Justice Potter Stewart standard. He was a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. And he said the mark of a good judge, good justice, is that when you're reading their decision, their opinion, you can't tell if it's written by a man or woman, a liberal or a conservative, a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian. You just know you're reading a good judicial decision.

BUSH: "I'm trying to decipher that."
(How many times is he going to admit that he cannot understand Kerry’s statements? Kerry speaks plain English!)
BUSH: "Put a head fake on us." (What in the hell does this mean?!)
GRABEL: President Bush, during the last four years, you have made thousands of decisions that have affected millions of lives. Please give three instances in which you came to realize you had made a wrong decision, and what you did to correct it. Thank you.
(Bush refuses to admit any mistakes! Well that’s facing reality! He instead talks about the things he believed he did right!)
BUSH: “He complains about the fact our troops don't have adequate equipment, yet he voted against the $87 billion supplemental I sent to the Congress and then issued one of the most amazing quotes in political history: I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it. “ (How many times is he going to yammer on about this?! The $87 billion was the 3rd request for funding for the war in less than a year. Kerry said he would not vote for this unless they pay for it by partially rolling back their most recent tax cuts for the rich, and Congress be given greater oversight into how the money was being spent, so we wouldn't see billions thrown into the off-shore bank accounts of corporations.)
And the first closing statement goes to Senator Kerry. I believe that was the agreement.
(Bush jumps up and starts to talk - as he has throughout the debate)
KERRY: Do you want to go first?
BUSH: Either way.
(Nice of him to concede to follow the rules!)

Sorry this was so lengthy, but there were so many great points made by Kerry and so many absurd ones by Bush!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Debate Scorecards!

Let's see who lied more in the debates and whose lies were more serious!

Sept 30th debate:

1) Lied about funds for Iraqi reconstruction
2) Lied about number of trained Iraqi security personnel
3) Lied when he claimed that Kerry said that we would have troops out of Iraq in 6 months. Kerry never said that.
4) Lied when he said that 75% of al Qaeda have been brought to justice. Simply not true. In fact, al Qaeda has grown since the war started!
5) Lied about 10 million people registering to vote in Afghanistan
6) Lied about increasing spending towards curbing nuclear proliferation. He proposed a CUT in spending, though Congress has added increases.
7) Lied about working to create the dept of homeland security – he actually opposed this!

1) Said we had bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora and we “outsourced” finding him to Afghan “warlords”. We did not have proof that he was there, though we “strongly suspected” it. So, we do not know for sure that he was there, though we had strong reason to believe it. I'd call that semantics.
2) Said that the cost of the Iraq war has been 200 billion – it has “only” been 120 billion, though the other 80 billion is allocated already.
3) Exaggerated when saying that Bush was spending hundreds of millions towards new nuclear weapons. The CURRENT figure is much smaller, though the administration has set aside even more for future budgets.
4) Misspoke in saying that WMDs were crossing Iraqi borders – meant to say terrorists.
5) Said the NY subway had to be closed during the RNC – was not true. No one seems to know where he was going with this one!

VP Debates:

1) Cheney gets the address to wrong! This one is understandable, but pretty hilarious!
2) Lies repeatedly about Kerry & Edwards being for the war then against the war – absolutely not true! Look at the full quotes that they have made and they are saying exactly the opposite of what Bush & Cheney are claiming they said! These guys are masters of taking words out of context!
3) Lied about Edwards using old data when talking about the loss of jobs. Edwards did use selective figures, as did Cheney, but did not lie or use old data. The truth is that this administration did not generate the number of jobs that they themselves said that they would – AFTER 9-11.
4) Lied about never meeting Edwards previously. Obviously, he was making a point, but it was a silly thing to say since it was so easily disproven.
5) Tried to distort the fact that America has suffered 90% of the coalition casualties in Iraq. An absurd ploy – he included Iraqis in his figure, and it was still wrong!
6) Lied about the number of small businesses affected by Kerry’s tax plan. Under his definition, he himself, Bush, Kerry, and many more millionaires would all be considered “small business owners” – obviously a ridiculous claim.
7) Lied about the amount (giving a 5 year figure – of which they didn’t even spend one year’s budgeted amount - instead of a yearly figure) of money to help in the fight of AIDs.
8) Lied about Kerry & Edwards being for and then against the No Child Left Behind act. They are for it, but want it to be sufficiently funded.
9) This one's a whopper! – claims he never said there was a connection between Iraq & 9/11. Another easily proven lie.
10) Lied about the number of times that Kerry voted for tax increases. Including multiple votes on the same bill and votes on tax bills that do not include tax increases.

WOW! He even lied more often than Bush!!!

1) Some timeline problems with his accusations of Cheney and Halliburton, though Cheney does still have ties to the company.
2) Accusation of administrations' cutting of combat pay does not seem to be supported.
3) Exaggerated the lack of funding for No Child Left Behind – the administration did not actually cut funding, but did not fund as fully as promised.

Oct 8 Debate:

1) Lies about Kerry’s health care plan – numerous lies of all sorts! “lead to rationing” “ruin the quality of health care” “put Washington bureaucrats in control” “big government in charge – not you, not your doctor” – no basis for any of these lies.
2) Lied about owning a timber company – though he made just be ignorant of his many holdings.
3) Drug Discount Cards not working nearly as well as he would like people to believe.
4) Lies about lawsuits costing the health care community $28 billion a year. “No evidence” found to support this.
5) Lies about Kerry voting to raise taxes – same lie as before
6) Lies about small business seeing a tax increase under Kerry’s tax bill
7) Lied about the increase of the child tax credit

1) The No Child Left Behind exaggeration that has been said before – not actually lying, but some distortion.
2) Said Army's Chief of Staff, Gen. Eric K. Shinseki, was forced to retire for saying before the invasion of Iraq that many more troops were needed than the administration was planning to send. Was not actually forced to retire, but his retirement and replacement was announced 14 months in advance in order to undermine his authority.
3) Job loss - same exaggeration as mentioned before.
4) Medicare prescription drug benefit - taking his figures from a contested study.

These are just the facts from! These do not take into account the misleading remarks that may not be actually called lies, of which there are many. Saying that there will be more attacks if Kerry is elected, the incredible distortion of Kerry's "global test" statement, using Zell Miller as an example of an unsatisfied Democrat (if that is an example of what state of mind a Democrat has to be in to think like a Rebulican, I would think they would want to hide him away forever!), the absurd amount of times that they have to repeat the true "wrong war, wrong time" statement of Kerry's and try to make it a bad thing, the "flip-flop" lies that they keep repeating in the hopes that someone will still believe that this is true...I'm sure that there are more, but I need to review the transcripts. And this also does not take into account the obvious examples of Bush & Cheney's unbalanced nature - like Bush saying "let me finish" to no one in the first debate (that was downright spooky), him called Kerry "Kennedy", called this the "Internets", Cheney swearing at people, Cheney not having any defense for Bush's discrimination against gays, Bush flat-out saying that he doesn't spend time thinking about bin Laden (! - I'd say that the rest of us do!), both of their continual confusion of bin Laden and Hussein, and the incredible number of lies that led us to the war in Iraq. I cannot see how anyone can have any defense whatsoever of these madmen!!!!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Oct 8 Debate

Wow! I'll write more later, but Kerry absolutely kicked ass again! Bush was obviously trying his damnest not to make faces and so he just looked completely blank the entire night. He got angry continually, he interrupted continually, he got his facts wrong continually and he continually relied on his absurd talking points, which have been proven wrong over & over & over. I don't know why his writers don't give him any other material....oh, i guess i do - he doesn't have any factual basis for any attacks so they have to rely on total fiction and hope that continual repetition will make people believe him! Bush referring to Kerry as Senator Kennedy was so bizarre that we couldn't figure out what he was talking about for a couple of minutes and i loved him saying that he heard about the "rumour" of a draft going around on the "internets"! He made me feel so much better when he told the gentleman that he hoped that he did think that the Patriot Act was taking away our rights, even though it obviously is. Kerry remains an extremely consistent, well-spoken, charismatic candidate with all the right ideas! Bush got a couple of more chuckles, but Kerry made the important points. Excellent job!!!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Too Too Ironic!

From the Cox Communications website:
A slip of the tongue by the vice president during Tuesday night's debate with Sen. John Edwards led Web surfers to a site run by George Soros, a billionaire who makes no secret of his opposition to the Bush administration.
In answering a question about his involvement with Halliburton, Cheney meant to direct people to, a nonpartisan site run by the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center. He urged people watching the debate to go to the site for facts countering Edwards' statements about the corporation Cheney used to run.
But Cheney cited, a for-profit advertising site based in the Cayman Islands.
The company decided to redirect traffic to the Soros site after it became inundated with hits _ about 100 a second after the debate, John Berryhill, a Philadelphia lawyer for, said Wednesday.
"This was to relieve stress on the service and to express a political point of view," said Berryhill, who spoke with the site's administrators shortly after the debate ended.
They picked Soros not only for his political views, Berryhill said, but because the billionaire could afford the costly deluge of hits the site would receive in the wake of the debate. Plus, the site administrators didn't want to point surfers to a candidate's site that was asking for money.
Web site operators typically pay fees to the companies that host their sites. The more hits a site receives, the more its operator pays.
Soros was not advised of the switch and did not know it had taken place until Wednesday, said a spokesman, Jeremy Ben-Ami.
"We are as surprised as anyone by this turn of events but certainly encourage voters to visit both of these valuable sites," Michael Vachon, a senior aide to Soros, said in a statement.
An unprecedented number of visitors to caused the site to crash several times Wednesday, said Brooks Jackson, the site's director.

Check out this website - - great site, great insight! ( is currently forwarding to this site, buthere is the actual address in case the forward expires)

VP debate

I think this was disappointing to everyone who was expecting the devastation that we saw last Thursday night. Cheney was relaxed and articulate – a far cry from his boss’s demeanor! He did not completely lose it, as he has in the past, and he tried to down play some of his more outrageous quotes – though he still had a few here! Edwards did not have the command that Kerry had and he flat-out screwed up a few times, but he still held his own and made a number of solid points. Here’s a few of my personal highlights:

1) Cheney (rightfully) having no defense of Bush’s call for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages. Obviously, if he had tried to defend it, he would have been crucified, but the fact that even the VP believes that this is a bad idea should give the Prez pause, if he ever listened to anyone.

2) The mind-boggling lack of comprehension of the “global test” quote of Kerry’s. People, this is not a difficult concept! We are not talking about rocket science! Even the moderator couldn’t seem to grasp this simple idea!
First of all, he clearly said that he would never let another country veto any of our actions. Secondly, he was speaking of a hypothetical pre-emptive type of action and all he said was that before he would take action, he would consider how this action would make us look in the world view. He did not say that he would even let this view direct his action, but that it is something that we must consider. Bush has seemingly never considered this and we have a terrible reputation in the world right now.
I even saw a report where Bush & Saddam were tied for the biggest world threats! It doesn’t take a genius to see that we need a change!

3) Cheney actually tried to include Iraqi casualties in the figures so that it would not look like America has carried 90% of the casualties there! What logic! Does any more even need to be said about this insane thought process?
He was correct in the fact that we have not yet spent 200 billion dollars there, we have “only” spent 120 billion. The other 80 billion is already allocated to spend there, though!

4) Cheney did flat-out lie when he said that he never tried to tie Saddam with al Quada and 9-11. No one could possibly let that one go!

5) Cheney actually used Zell Miller as an example of an unsatisfied Democrat! I thought that the Republicans were all trying to distance themselves as far as possible from a lunatic who challenged someone to a duel for simply asking a question about his speech! This is not someone I would want to be associated with!

This is just what has stuck with me after sleeping on it. Yes, Edwards should have been much stronger, but he did hold his own. Kerry will once again have to kick butt this Friday, though, to keep up the momentum!