Friday, July 11, 2014

well, if by "undisputed", you actually mean disputed by every credible source, then yeah...

Dick, Liz Cheney Push 'Undisputed' Claim That Is Actually Wrong 
(Huffington Post)
Obviously, he has no problem with flat-out lying - he has done that most, if not all, of his career...

crazier and crazier

Pastor Robert Jeffress tells Fox: Jesus would have wanted a border fence 
(Raw Story)
Amazing how some people seem to think that they know exactly what Jesus would do in all kinds of situations that had no correlation to anything in Jesus' time. It's funny how these people's beliefs perfectly coincide with their god's.

not the Onion

Boehner To Sue Obama For Unilateral Delay Of Obamacare Employer Mandate
 (Talking Points Memo)
So, Boehner is suing Obama for not doing something that Boehner never wanted him to do in the first place?

Just when you think politics couldn't get any more ridiculous, the repugs prove us wrong...