Friday, November 30, 2012

it's not like the repugs will ever compromise on anything - no matter what the American people want

Republicans scoff at White House’s first offer 
Obama offers a common sense proposal that mirrors the platform that he ran on - which was overwhelmingly  approved by the American public - and, of course, the repugs say it is a non-starter, because all they care about is the ultra-wealthy.

It's time that the repugs realize that they lost and they need to compromise - and it's not a big compromise that is being asked - it's an end to tax cuts that were supposed to have already expired - so that this country can move forward. I guess they still haven't learned that their obstructionism is making them toxic.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

see what happens when you work with the president, instead of against him?

Thanks Obama!

Monday, November 26, 2012

republicans confirming what most of us already knew

Saturday, November 17, 2012

thank you Harry Reid!

Harry Reid Shuts Down McCain On Libya: ‘End The Politicization Of National Security’
(Think Progress)
If only the repugs would end this...

don't feel too sorry for them



cuz Rove believes he is above the law

no, actually, this is exactly why Romney lost (well, one of many reasons)

hardly a surprise


because the more people understand the reality, the more they like it

more good news from the election

repugs love to deny reality

Paul Ryan: I Didn’t Lose Because Of The Issues, I Lost Because Of The ‘Urban’ Vote
(Think Progress)
Your party is going to become obsolete if you keep thinking like that - not that that would be a bad thing!

I wouldn't hold my breath

repug version of self-analysis

Grover Norquist: Obama Won By Calling Romney ‘A Poopy Head’
(Think Progress)
Yeah, that was it. Deny all reality and the fact that you were wrong on every issue and make shit up. That's worked so well for you in the past!

repugs version of "compromise" - repugs should get everything they want and screw everyone else

Friday, November 09, 2012

some repugs will never learn

Conservatives Struggle To Explain How Mitt Romney Lost 2012 Presidential Election 
(Huffington Post)
Instead of realizing that they ran on an incredibly unpopular platform, they have to blame everything and everyone else.

Simple fact - if they didn't run as extremists they probably would have won.

I thought that elected officials were supposed to enforce the law, not break it

Florida Gov. Rick Scott still won’t implement health care law 
Of course, repugs feel that they can do anything, even if it hurts their constituents.

funny how that happens after a huge loss

Sean Hannity, John Boehner say GOP should tackle immigration reform
But, if it makes the repugs more tolerant and accepting, then maybe it's a good thing and maybe they actually learned something for a change.

like an incurable disease - you can't get rid of them

'Next Bush' makes campaign filing in Texas
Just when you hoped that you had heard the last of this family that has done so much harm to this country...

Thursday, November 08, 2012

possibly the stupidest post-election article

How Race Slipped Away From Romney
This idiot thinks that money - MONEY! - lost it for Romney - not his incredibly unpopular message, policies, and habit of insulting most of America.

what a great way to reach out to minorities!

Republicans Claim Obama Won Re-election Because Blacks And Hispanics Wanted More Handouts 
(Think Progress)
Guess they didn't learn anything from this election after all!

I literally laughed out loud

Friday, November 02, 2012

far from surprising

more repug voter fraud

Oregon County Elections Official Under Investigation For Ballot Tampering
(Think Progress)
Isn't it "funny" that every verified example of voter fraud has been done by repugs?

cuz Mitt doesn't mean anything he says

imagine what could have happened if the repugs actually worked to help the country instead of just fighting Obama

only in crazy, coo-coo repugs' minds

Fox News: October’s Large Job Gains ‘Should Play In Favor Of Romney’ 
(Think Progress)
Only at Fox could news that Obama's policies are working be good news for Romney.

repugs losing another talking point

more good news for the economy, bad news for repugs

(Think Progress)
Let's hope that the repugs don't get their chance to reverse the progress that we have made.