Tuesday, September 14, 2010

isn't it amazing that the "liberal media" isn't giving this huge story more coverage?

The "tax and spend Dems" GOP loves to bash just reduced the deficit by 13%
(Crooks and Liars)
Boy, you would think that a "liberal media" would be talking about this story non-stop, yet the only place I have heard about it is on Countdown and Crooks and Liars. What a puzzler... It's almost as if the media is actually over-whelmingly conservative, since they will breathlessly repeat every conservative slur, but won't talk about this huge story that could change the election for the better...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

still another right-wing domestic terrorist

Self-Described ‘Christian Counterpart To Osama Bin Laden’ Arrested In Plot To Bomb Abortion Clinic
(Think Progress)
I hate these anti-American scumbags who don't realize that the whole point of this country is to be better than this shit.

Thankfully, this prick was caught before he could act upon his evil intentions. He should just go live with bin Laden if he wants to emulate him so much. We don't need these types in our country!

what I - and many others - have been saying for the past 9 years, but bears repeating

Ted Koppel: Nine years after 9/11, let's stop playing into bin Laden's hands
It seems that, if anything, people have just gotten stupider over the last 9 years - or at least the loons have louder megaphones. The bigotry and hatred and moronic actions were sickening then and they still are.

Bin Laden could never have imagined that 9 years later our country would be on the brink of collapse because of this day's attacks. Nearly every problem that this country faces now can be attributable to reactions to 9/11. It's just horrible that bush did far more than bin Laden could ever have wished for and took us down this terrible path we're now on. And it looks like the repugs just want to keep going instead of changing course.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

the attention whore still doing anything he can for attention

well, duh

Judge: Military's ban on gays is unconstitutional
Was this ever even a question? I think that the only problem is that straights - or closet cases - don't like to think too much about homosexual sex, for one reason or another. Obviously, the ban is discriminatory and unconstitutional. This would have been over with years ago if that were the only question...

this is shocking

Sarah Palin: Burning Quran 'Antithetical To American Ideals'
(Huffington Post)
I would have thought that she would have been there lighting the matches, so this is good.

Of course, she has to ruin the thought by falsely equating this act of religious intolerance to the Muslim center in NYC, in which in reality the Muslims are victims of religious intolerance instead of the creators of it.


as usual, repugs only want to help the ultra-rich - not the rest of us

this attention whore "minister" must be loving every minute of this

Obama implores minister to call off Quran burning
Some obscure asshole - whose own congregation kicked him out of a church that he founded! - in the backwoods of nowhere is getting more attention than 99% of the world ever does just by being a bigoted dick.

Sometimes I hate the fact that current technology and 24 hour news cycles make these scumbags known to the world. In fact, not just sometimes - I fervently hate this.

And more from his ex-congregation:

Even pastor’s old church condemns Quran-burning

Not too surprising since they kicked him out because of his radical views.

And this one prick is destroying any good that Obama has done for Muslim relations:

Afghans protest Quran burning plan, torch US flag

This will accelerate violence against our troops and against Christians in general because - just as this jackass is doing to all Muslims - now the Muslim extremists will think that all Christians are like this douche bag.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

stating the obvious

Clinton: Planned Quran burning not American way
This planned action is as anti-American as it comes, and damn sickening, as well.
I wish there really was a hell so these scumbag bigots could burn there forever...

not again

LAPD brass plead for calm; protesters egg station

LOS ANGELES – Police Chief Charlie Beck pleaded for calm and vowed his department would conduct an exhaustive investigation into a bicycle officer's fatal shooting of a drunken day laborer with a knife.

I'll be the first to say that LAPD often go overboard in their reactions (I was once stopped on a bicycle and thrown against a wall for reaching for my license after I was asked for it), but by all accounts this case involves a drunken man with a knife attacking an officer. If anything warrants deadly force, something like this does. Sure, maybe they could have subdued him otherwise, but an officer might have been hurt or killed in the process. Yes, this is a tragedy, but a person who attacks the police with a deadly weapon has to expect consequences.

Obama trying to create jobs and stimulate the economy while repugs just want to reward the wealthy and f'k the rest of us

Obama to pitch trio of economic proposals in Ohio

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is voicing unwavering opposition to extending Bush-era tax breaks for the nation's wealthiest families even for a year or two, drawing a sharp contrast with Republicans eight weeks before the November elections.

The president was to outline his stand Wednesday in a speech in Cleveland, where he also will propose a package of infrastructure investments and business tax incentives that the White House says will put the economy on a path toward long-term growth while allowing for some immediate job creation.

The Bush tax cuts, the most sweeping in a generation, are due to expire in January, setting up a big fight in Congress over what to do about them. Republicans and some Democrats want them to remain in place for a year or two or to make them permanent. Obama wants to make the tax cuts permanent for middle- and low-income families while allowing them to expire for individuals making more than $200,000 and married couples making more than $250,000.

The White House sees the issue as an opportunity to appeal to middle-class voters and independents who were crucial to Obama's election. In his speech, Obama will argue that the tax cuts for the wealthy would add $700 billion to the deficit, a sum the country can't afford as the economy struggles to recover.

House Republican Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, offered his own proposals Wednesday, saying in a nationally broadcast interview that Congress should freeze all tax rates for two years and should cut federal spending to the levels of 2008, before the deep recession took hold.

"People are asking, 'Where are the jobs?'" Boehner said, calling the White House "out of touch" with the American public.

Obama is asking Congress to consider three proposals:

• A $50 billion infrastructure investment to rebuild and repair the nation's roads,
railways and runways.

• A permanent extension of research and development tax credits for businesses.

• Tax breaks to let businesses quickly write off 100 percent of their spending on new plants and equipment through 2011.


Monday, September 06, 2010

this group of bigots is endangering troops and destroying our country's reputation - and I'm sure they're proud of this

Petraeus: Quran Burning ‘Could Endanger Troops’

On September 11, 2010, the extremist evangelical Dove World Church — whose pastor, Terry Jones, has written a book called “Islam Is Of The Devil” — plans to host “International Burn a Quran Day,” when it will burn Islam’s sacred text and encourage others across the world to do so as well. Church member Wayne Sapp has even posted an instructional video that explains how and why to burn the Quran.

But today the Wall Street Journal reports that Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said the planned burning of Qurans “could put the lives of American troops in danger and damage the war effort“:

Petraeus said the Taliban would exploit the demonstration for propaganda purposes, drumming up anger toward the U.S. and making it harder for allied troops to carry out their mission of protecting Afghan civilians.

It could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort,” Gen. Petraeus said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems. Not just here [in Afghanistan], but everywhere in the world we are engaged with the Islamic community.”

Update Confirming Petraeus' fears, "hundreds of Afghans railed against the United States and called for President Barack Obama's death at a rally in the capital Monday to denounce an American church's plans to burn the Islamic holy book on Sept. 11." The U.S. Embassy in Kabul even issued a statement saying it was "deeply concerned about deliberate attempts to offend members of religious or ethnic groups." Nevertheless, some Afghans are still placing blame for the Quran burning day on Obama:
"We know this is not just the decision of a church. It is the decision of the president and the entire United States," said Abdul Shakoor, an 18-year-old high school student who said he joined the protest after hearing neighborhood gossip about the Quran burning.
(Think Progress)
Great, so now our president is being smeared as a senseless bigot because of an obscure extremist group in a remote part of our country, instead of by his own actions, as bush was.

I think this country has more to fear from its own residents than it does from any foreign attack.

oh fuck off

Chris Wallace: Obama’s ‘Heart Isn’t Really Into Winning The War On Terror’
(Think Progress)
These scumbags sicken me. And I'm sure they would have been the first to condemn bush's (legitimate) critics.

a step in the right direction

Obama calling for more infrastructure spending
Certainly something that needs to be done and should have been done a long time ago. Will probably be too little, too late for November's election, though...

Saturday, September 04, 2010

and this is a republican admitting this

and we know that this does not

Pence’s Defense Of Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich: ‘C’mon, We Know What Works’
(Think Progress)
Seriously? They're going to try to claim that bush's tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy actually work, despite the evidence that we can see all around us?

The repugs truly think that their constituents are complete morons...

But not everyone is:
Poll: 71 Percent Of Americans Still Blame Bush For The Current Economic Woes
(Think Progress)

once again, showing that lies are all they have

yet another complete loon throwing his hat in the ring

9/11 victims' group talking common sense

well, duh

Taliban Operative: We Are Using Protests Against Park 51 To Get ‘More Recruits, Donations, and Popular Support’
(Think Progress)
Obviously, these bigoted, anti-American protesters are playing right into the hands of the Taliban and the like - just as bush did. No one can be surprised at this, can they?

But, if they are so anti-American as to hate the freedom of religion that our country is built on, why wouldn't they support al-Qaida? It seems like our domestic extremists have a lot in common with them.

some apology - "IF I said that, I misspoke"

Ariz. governor says she was wrong about beheadings
Well, she said it numerous times and was obviously trying to fear-monger and mislead the people of Arizona.
And she numerously refused to refute this statement, even at the most recent press conference.

money superceeds idealogy

Sharron Angle hit with R-J copyright infringement lawsuit
Funny that the super-duper-conservative RJ wouldn't look the other way for Angle. I guess they didn't want to make that kind of campaign donation.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

the perfect answer to the clowns who think that bush should be thanked

Olbermann and Scahill Share Their 'Thanks' to President Bush
(Crooks and Liars)
I only got to see part of this, but it was awesome and appropriate.