Sunday, June 27, 2010

story of the day

Utah man faces charges after naked rampage on interstate

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Prosecutors have filed three felony charges against a Utah man accused of ramming another vehicle on Interstate 80, firing shots from a stolen handgun and running naked in traffic.

Armando Juan Cano of Moroni, Utah, went on the bizarre rampage Wednesday night about 33 miles west of Rawlins, in south-central Wyoming, the Wyoming Highway Patrol said.

Sweetwater County prosecutors on Friday charged the 26-year-old with aggravated assault and battery, aggravated burglary, attempt to commit burglary and misdemeanor counts of public indecency and interference with a peace officer.

Three people suffered minor injuries in the episode, including Cano.

Cano made his first appearance in Rock Springs circuit court on Friday. The judge set Cano's bond at $100,000 and scheduled a July 1 preliminary hearing, said John Prokos, Sweetwater County chief deputy county and prosecuting attorney.

Cano told the court that he would attempt to hire his own lawyer, Prokos said. Cano would not enter a plea to the charges until arraigned in district court.

An operator at the Sweetwater County jail declined to make Cano available for a phone interview. He doesn't have a phone listing in his hometown.

Highway Patrol Lt. Robert Garner said investigators haven't figured out the reasons behind the Cano's behavior. Toxicology results were pending Friday.

"We're investigating the possibility that this may have been a drug-induced type of thing, but that's still under investigation," Garner said.

When he was arrested, Cano's "utterances were irrational and alluded to fear and paranoia," according to an arrest affidavit released Friday.

The Highway Patrol first got word of Cano at about 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, when callers reported an eastbound driver swerving on the interstate. Cano then pulled over and allowed the car to roll into a ditch while he was running into the roadway naked, according to the affidavit.

Cano got back in his car and rammed another vehicle off the road before stopping his car in the middle of the interstate, according to the Highway Patrol. He then forced his way into the car of a woman who had come to a stop along with other traffic that was blocked by Cano's car, police said.

Cano found a lawfully concealed handgun in the car's back seat and fired two shots, one that narrowly missed the woman's head and another than went out the passenger window, the affidavit said. Cano left the woman's vehicle and fired another shot in an unknown direction before getting into his car and driving east another mile, the affidavit said.

Cano stopped again in a roadside ditch, ran across the highway in traffic and picked up an object and threw it at a passing vehicle, breaking the driver's side window, the affidavit said.

Police say Cano then lay on his back in the left lane of traffic. When a passing motorist attempted to help Cano to his feet, Cano stabbed the man in the leg with a sharp object. Garner said Friday investigators don't know what Cano used to stab the man. The victim was bandaged at the scene.

That's when a Highway Patrol trooper arrived and was able to subdue Cano with the help of four passing truckers.


Friday, June 25, 2010

what a surprise

of course, they fail to show any actual similarities or connections

he'll be a good repug

hardly surprising

another repug hypocrite

headline of the day

wimpy Dems lose to obstructionist repugs on another important, highly popular issue

Stymied by GOP, Democrats at loss on jobs agenda
Of course the repugs want to stop the success of the stimulus and want to hurt the economy as much as possible. They are hoping that the public will forget that the repugs caused this problem in the first place and will blame the Dems. And the average American is probably just dumb enough to fall for this transparent ploy.

Why the Dems aren't shouting from the rooftops about this obstructionism is beyond me. I mean, the repugs are voting against economic recovery! They are voting against jobs! I think the Dems want to lose sometimes....

seems like a good first step

how long is this stupidity going to continue

Court: same-sex marriage is not universal right
Eventually, everyone is going to have to have equal rights - why continue to fight progress and fairness?

That is a rhetorical question - unfortuantely, I know all too well the reasons why...

still more ethics troubles for Palin

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

say what?

OK GOP Gov. Candidate: BP’s Spill Proves Government Should ‘Never Be Involved In The Private Sector’
(Think Progress)
Though if the government had been properly regulated this oil companies, this disaster probably wouldn't have happened.

So in what world does his statement make any sense?

conservatives love their lies

Washington Times Features Doctored Photo Of Kagan In A Turban To Claim She’s Subservient To Shariah Law
(Think Progress)
Regardless of the fact that a photo like this shouldn't make any difference to anyone, how low is it that a newspaper is doctoring photos?!

ho hum, another hypocritical repug

and yet she attacks Reid for not creating jobs!

Angle Calls Unemployed ‘Spoiled,’ Says Senators Are ‘Not In Business Of Creating Jobs’
(Think Progress)
This woman is a loon! I think I'll have to move if Nevada's residents are dumb enough to elect someone this unstable.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

repugs think people will believe anything they say

Steele Makes Up Facts: ‘George Bush Created A Lot Of Jobs’
(Think Progress)
The lies keep getting more outrageous.
Do they really think that everyone has forgotten what happened during the bush administration?

c'mon - this can't be serious

I thought the president had some power in this country

Judge blocks Obama's offshore drilling ban
Yeah, gee, just because one rig f'k'd up, destroying our ecosystem in the process, even though the oil company knew that there were major problems and that this was imminent, why would anyone think that any other rig would have the same problems that the oil companies were covering up?

Isn't it just common sense to at least delay any further drilling until things have been checked out? WTF?

Monday, June 21, 2010

conservatives proving that they are always wrong

just getting crazier and crazier

this makes me sick to my stomach

Texas GOP wants to make marrying gays a felony, reinstate sodomy ban.
(Think Progress)
Just how far is this bigotry going to go? I would think that people would want to move this country forward, not backwards, but then, I'm just a logical person...

moronic bigots

Saturday, June 19, 2010

and the sun came up this morning, too!

Obama: Republicans blocking progress in Congress
This is news? This has been happening since the Dems gained the majority...

Friday, June 18, 2010

funny and ironic

uh, no, it really doesn't

Inhofe slams Obama’s response to the oil spill: Bush’s ‘leadership’ during Katrina ‘looks pretty good right now.’

In an interview last night with Newsmax, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) chided President Obama for his response to the BP oil disaster, stating that Obama “hasn’t made a good decision yet on that whole cleanup.” Claiming that Obama had “flunked” the test of presidential leadership, he saw President Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina as a success story:

Remember the criticism George Bush got during Katrina? They said it was a lack of leadership. Let me tell you, that leadership looks pretty good right now.

This is the first time he’s had a really tough test and he flunked. It’s not just me that is saying he’s provided no leadership.

Inhofe’s comparison does in fact echo other top conservatives leaders’ enthusiasm to call BP’s oil spill “Obama’s Katrina.” But as Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum has pointed out, “Other than proximity to the Louisiana coast, this catastrophe has nothing in common with Hurricane Katrina: That was an unstoppable natural disaster that turned into a human tragedy because of an inadequate government response. This is just an unstoppable disaster, period. It will be a human tragedy precisely because no government response is possible.” A reminder here of how Bush delayed paying any real attention to Katrina for days.

(Think Progress)
I still don't know if these idiots are delusional or just plain dishonest...


VIDEO COMPILATION: Conservative Pundits Rush To Defend Barton, Praise Him As Courageous
(Think Progress)
I think it's pretty safe to say that anyone with half a brain realizes that BP f'k'd up majorly, was highly irresponsible and possibly criminally negligent. How anyone thinks it is a good idea to defend that is beyond me...

coulda fooled me

onca again, I have to admit that he's got balls to make a statement like this

In His First Comments On The Gulf Coast Oil Spill, Cheney Criticizes Obama For A Lack Of Action
(Think Progress)
After his administration remained on vacation during Katrina and allowing the worst terror attack ever in this country, he had a lot of gall to condemn the current administration for anything at all...

consistency is not his strong point

Thursday, June 17, 2010

gawd forbid BP be accountable

Texas lawmaker accuses White House of BP shakedown

WASHINGTON – A leading House Republican accused the White House Thursday of a "$20 billion shakedown" of oil giant BP by requiring the company to establish a huge fund to compensate those hurt by the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Cuz, of course, we wouldn't want to help those affected by this man-made and preventable disaster!

Man, the repugs just keep getting scummier and scummier...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wasn't this anti-American during the bush administration?

just when you thought they couldn't get any crazier

stupid and untrue

Palin claims that Netherlands and Norway can’t get their calls returned on the oil spill.

To respond to President Obama’s first Oval Office address, Fox News last night turned to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, whom Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) once said “knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America.” When asked about how to stop the leaking oil well, Palin said that the United States needs to accept more assistance from foreign governments:

O’REILLY: Do you know how to stop it?

PALIN: Well, then what the federal government should have done was accept the assistance of foreign countries, of entrepreneurial Americans who have had solutions –


PALIN: — that they wanted presented.


PALIN: They can’t even get a phone call returned, Bill. The Dutch. They are known, and the Norwegians. They are known for dikes and for cleaning up water and for dealing with spills. They offered to help and, yet, no, they too, with a proverbial can’t even get a phone call back. That is what the Norwegians are telling us, and the Dutch are telling us, and then the entrepreneurial Americans.

While it is true that many observers have criticized the administration for being too slow to accept some offers of assistance, Palin is simply wrong that no one is returning calls from “the Dutch” and “the Norwegians.” From Monday’s Washington Post:

In late May, the administration accepted Mexico’s offer of two skimmers and 13,779 feet of boom; a Dutch offer of three sets of Koseq sweeping arms, which attach to the sides of ships and gather oil; and eight skimming systems offered by Norway.

(Think Progress)

why don't they just f'k off and leave the gays alone?

Opponents of same-sex marriage ask Prop. 8 judge to invalidate 18,000 marriages of gay couples.
(Think Progress)
As a logical person, it is still beyond me that these freaks get so worked up about gays having equal rights. It doesn't affect them in any way, shape or form, other than knowing that someone else has the same right that they do. Boo-freakin'-hoo...

it's never enough with these clowns

When asked about Obama’s prayer for the Gulf, Gingrich says he ‘hopes he means it.’
(Think Progress)
Look, obviously, Obama is far more religious than a man of his intelligence should be, so WTF is the freakin' problem? Personally, I'm a bit insulted that he made so many references to god in a speech to the nation. Whatever happened to separation of church and state?

yeah, no kidding

why would any Hispanic ever vote republican?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I sure hope Nevadans aren't nutz enough to elect this loon

how does he get away with this idiocy?


Help Not Wanted: BP rejects expert volunteers.
(Think Progress)
You'd think that they would be begging for help at this point!

but gawd forbid there is more regulation!


news story of the day

German student attacks Hell's Angels with puppy

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria after making a rude gesture at a group of Hell's Angels motorcycle gang members, hurling a puppy at them and then escaping on a stolen bulldozer.

German police said on Monday that after making his getaway from the Hell's Angels club, the 26-year-old dumped the bulldozer, causing a 5 km (3 miles) traffic jam near the southern town of Allershausen, local police said. He then fled to his home nearby where he was apprehended by the police.

"What motivated him to throw a puppy at the Hell's Angels is currently unclear," said a spokesman for local police, adding that the student had lately been suffering from depression.

The puppy was now in safe hands, the spokesman added.


this is beyond ridiculous now

BP: Ship fire halts oil capture from well in Gulf

NEW ORLEANS – A bolt of lightning struck the ship capturing oil from a blown-out BP well in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, igniting a fire that halted containment efforts in another setback for the embattled company in its nearly two-month struggle to stop the spill, the company said.

The fire was quickly extinguished and no one was injured. BP said it hopes to resume containing oil from the well sometime Tuesday afternoon.


hilariously ironic

'Touchdown Jesus' destroyed by lightning
So, is god pissed off at Jesus right now?
I knew Pharyngula would have something to say:

Ohio Christians DEFY god!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I'm sure you'd like that, but he's a happily married man

Palin Chides Obama Over Gulf Oil Spill: 'Give Me A Call'
(Huffington Post)
This literally made me laugh out loud. As if Obama would ask advice from this moron! Hah!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Go Portugal!

and the conservatives win again

Updated: Helen Thomas quits after Israel comments
Wouldn't it be nice if right-wingers and conservative extremists would have to quit their jobs when they make outlandish comments, like liberals and even left-leaning people do for much less?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Does Elton have no principles?

Rush Limbaugh Weds #4, And Elton John Sings
(Huffington Post)
For that matter, does Rush? What's he doing with a gay man singing at his wedding?

this guy is a looney

planet "reality", unlike her

this isn't even ironic - this is just crazy


more of the usual

Friday, June 04, 2010

since when does religion have anything to do with a freakin' beauty contest?

people are still allowed to have opinions

Boehner Defends Bush, Demands That Paul McCartney ‘Apologize’ For His Crack At The Former President
(Think Progress)
And McCartney's comment is nothing to apologize for and is certainly something that most people - even bush fans - agree with. Certainly nowhere near the level of evil, vicious and completely untrue bile spewed at Obama by the repugs.

upset because there are no representations of friendly bigots on TV

Right-wing ‘media watchdog’ is outraged that ‘Glee’ doesn’t have friendly homophobic characters.
(Think Progress)
These people have to think about what they stand for and they have to really get a life if they are this upset about a TV show!

Or, they should write and produce their own show and then they can promote bigots as nice, friendly people!

insane bigotry

twisted Texas


denying reality

lying is second nature to the repugs

Gov. Brewer claims her father ‘died fighting’ the Nazis — but he actually passed away 10 years after WWII.

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) has faced significant criticism ever since she signed the anti-immigrant bill, SB-1070, into law. In a recent interview with the Arizona Republic, Brewer spoke out about some of the harsher rhetoric she’s heard, saying comparisons equating her with the Nazis are especially hurtful because her father “died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany”:

“The Nazi comments…they are awful,” she said, her voice dropping. “Knowing that my father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany, that I lost him when I was 11 because of that…and then to have them call me Hitler’s daughter. It hurts. It’s ugliness beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.”

While comparisons equating Brewer with Nazis are over the top and not constructive, Brewer’s anecdote doesn’t really stack up. The Arizona Guardian reports that in fact, “the death of Wilford Drinkwine came 10 years after World War II had ended. During the war, Drinkwine worked as a civilian supervisor for a naval munitions depot in Hawthorne, Nev. He died of lung disease in 1955 in California.” Brewer’s spokesman justified the governor’s statement, claiming Drinkwine “eventually died from the toxic fumes he inhaled” while working at the factory.

(Think Progress)
Waht a despicable excuse for a human being...

this is beyond ridiculous

Mississippi GOP congressional candidate: Democratic policies are ‘more dangerous’ than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.
(Think Progress)
This is going past being offensive to just being plain stupid...

underestimating the popularity of health reform


McCain tries to blame the Gaza flotilla raid on Obama.
(Think Progress)
Oh yeah, I forget - everything is Obama's fault...

no, you can't blame this on him


consistency is not the repugs' specialty