Saturday, September 29, 2012

gee, it's as if they know they'll lose if they tell the truth


more on obstructionist repugs

oh gosh, it's the repugs who do voter fraud? Who knew?! (Besides everyone)

Akin really doesn't like women

what a surprise

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

more bad news for the repugs

wow - how civilized

World Leaders Strike Deal To Reduce Price of Contraception | Coinciding with World Contraception Day, former President Bill Clinton announced on Wednesday a new agreement that will reduce the price of long-acting birth control for millions of women worldwide. The trade deal, announced jointly with the Clinton Foundation and several world leaders at the UN, will cut the price of Bayer-manufactured progestrogen implants by half or more in exchange for a six-year purchasing commitment. Clinton described the arrangement as “a very big deal, and it will play itself out over and over again in the lives of citizens who will be safe, who will have healthier families and who will live longer lives.” 
(Think Progress)

figures that the other worst offender was also a repug

because repugs have no principles

GOP Lawmaker Who Called For Akin To Drop Out Now Supporting Him
(Think Progress)
 If this had been a Democrat he would have been drummed out of the party instantly. Repugs have no principles or morals...

I don't think that anyone except the ultra-rich except this from Romney

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

only "universal" among bigoted assholes

of course, they never say HOW his policies are similar

Conservative Group Claims Obama Has ‘Communist Beliefs,’ Compares His Policies To Hitler’s
(Think Progress)
They just make these wildly insane accusations without feeling they have to back them up with any evidence. I guess it's easy being a conservative!

cuz lies are all they have

odd definition of "fair"

totally insane

’2016: Obama’s America’ filmmaker defends against critics
The film's central argument is an alarming one: The president's dream or primary goal is to weaken America, make it less wealthy, less powerful, and less influential in the world.
 "I think Obama's dream is a dream of global justice," says D'Souza. "And he wants to redistribute wealth away from the United States and toward other countries. And he also wants to redistribute power, he wants to shrink America's footprint in the world because he thinks we've been stepping on the world."
 D'Souza's film ignores evidence that conflicts with his view of Obama. For example, the fact that President Obama sent 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, significantly increased drone strikes on Al-Qaeda targets in the Pakistani tribal areas, and made the call to go after Osama Bin Laden. This does not seem like a president who is acting in a way to limit America and to make it a weaker country in the world.
For more on D'Souza and his documentary, including how, according to this filmmaker, Obama supports 100 percent taxation, check out this week's Spinners and Winners. 

 There is not even a twisted logic to this - Obama struggled to become the leader of the most powerful country in the world in order to weaken it? And despite all of the evidence to the contrary? And he supports 100% taxation?! How would that even work?

 How anyone could compare this quack to Michael Moore - whose documentaries are based on facts that no one has ever been able to dispute (other than minor details, like Moore saying he was born in Detroit when he was born right outside of Detroit) - is beyond me. I guess it is the "liberal media" trying to make false equivalencies again.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

more vague platitudes from Romney

I guess this is the only way they feel they can win

WA GOPer Tells 1.1 million Voters They're Not Registered 
(Crooks and Liars)
"Funny" how it's never a Democrat doing this...

another repug campaign lie - what a surprise

and more on Romney's tax evasiveness

Democrats: Political slant marks Romney tax return 
WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats say Mitt Romney manipulated his deductions to keep his overall 2011 federal income tax rate below a certain level for political purposes. The Republican presidential nominee is certain to face new questions about his finances.
Democrats quickly leaped on the documents, saying Romney had claimed fewer deductions than he was entitled to just to keep his rate at such a level. Romney told reporters in August he had never paid below 13 percent in taxes in any given year over the past 20. Had he taken the full charitable deduction, it would have pushed his tax liability below 13 percent.
"The information released today reveals that Mitt Romney manipulated one of the only two years of tax returns he's seen fit to show the American people - and then only to 'conform' with his public statements. That raises the question: What else in those returns has Romney manipulated?" said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.
Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager for President Barack Obama, said the release of Romney's 2011 tax returns "confirms what we already knew - that people like Mitt Romney pay a lower tax rate than many middle-class families because of a set of complex loopholes and tax shelters only available to those at the top. Yet, Mitt Romney still wants to give multimillionaires an additional $250,000 tax cut at the expense of middle-class taxpayers who will see their taxes go up."
So, yes, he pays taxes, but he manipulates the system, pays less than the middle class and wants to give himself a bigger tax break. So, pretty much what we already knew.

Friday, September 21, 2012

being evasive just creates more questions

10 Questions Romney Should Answer About His Taxes
(Think Progress)
And conservatives think that this vague evasiveness is a good thing - and they love the fact that he fudged the system so it would look like he was paying a higher tax amount.

He couldn't be hiding anything by not releasing anything else except for a vague summary, could he?

old folks ain't falling for your lies

Thursday, September 20, 2012


making damn sure he doesn't help anyone who isn't wealthy

what a great idea!

Rand Paul’s Solution For Lowering Health Costs: Have Patients Pay In Cash 
(Think Progress)
Cuz people who can't afford decent health insurance are sure to have extra cash lying around!

out to offend everyone

cuz repugs had to have their witchhunt

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

defending Romney

Red State's Erick Erickson thinks that Romney's insulting remark is actually a positive for him and if people are insulted by it, it's only because the media told them they should be, so they will be mad at the media and not at Romney. And though Romney called them victims, they don't think they're victims, because they don't want to be unemployed (though I guess the actual victims do want to be poor) so the left loses!
....or something like that. It is all so convoluted that it's hard to tell what he really meant.

and even more bad news for Romney

More Americans paying off debts, owe less money than pre-recession
Because, of course, Romney wants the country to fail so he can try to blame Obama.

more bad news for Romney

US home sales jump to highest since May 2010
Though Romney will probably say this is a bad thing, somehow - and Fox will agree with him...

there is no way that any sane person could think these two things were remotely similar

Romney Tries to Change the Subject
Obama thinks that government should do what it is supposed to do - take care of its people - and Romney thinks that half of the country wants a "handout" - which to him means people who don't want there insurance taken away from them or who expect to get back some of the money they put into things like Social Security.

Nobody is really stupid enough to think these are comparable, are they? (I know, that's a loaded question).

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ok, this is Romney explaining the difference between him & Obama

Romney stands by comments in video but says they were ‘not elegantly stated’
"My campaign is about helping people take more responsibility and becoming employed again, particularly those who don't have work," Romney said. "His whole campaign is based on getting people jobs again, putting people back to work. "
So, he is incredibly offensive and then he says that he & Obama are doing the same thing. Is he even trying to win?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Romney - anti-gay and anti-women

some African-Americans would rather not vote than vote for equality?

African-American Christians waver over vote 
Is that ironic or just sad?

Thursday, September 13, 2012


must be tough

pretty amazing even for Limbaugh

Obamacare doing its job

terrorist attack and Romney's (and repugs') idiotic response

Romney's a dick

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

could it have been avoided?

Friday, September 07, 2012

repugs want America to lose so that they can regain power

Ryan a hypocrite? What a surprise!

Biden on the repugs' Medicare lies

yet another insane repug

more proof (as if it was needed) that Dems in power are better for the country

Thursday, September 06, 2012

oh that "liberal media"

Associated Press ‘Fact Checks’ Clinton’s Speech By Bringing Up Monica Lewinsky 
(Think Progress)
They have to bring this up as a smear to distract from the fact that everything he stated in his speech was true. How does anyone believe that there in the mythical "liberal media"?

repugs continue their vile war on women

why does anyone think repugs would ever be good for the economy?

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

sorry repugs, facts are facts

unbelievably sick scumbag

GOP Senate Candidate Supports Life Sentences For Rape Victims Who Obtain Abortions 
(Think Progress)
These "people" literally have to be insane. How could any decent, sane human being say something this revolting?

Romney praises Obama!

do they really think that we can't remember back to 2009?

Fox News Pundit Claims: ‘Worst Of The Recession Was Over By The Time Barack Obama Took Office’ 
(Think Progress)
I could never watch Fox "News" because I couldn't stand to have my intelligence insulted that much.

repugs still want the country to fail