Friday, January 28, 2011

good news!

George Bush: I'm Through With Politics
(Huffington Post)
Too bad he didn't decide this a decade or so ago - this country would be much better off!

Dems pussy out again

Saturday, January 22, 2011


once again - cuz "lies are all they have"

is this what the average Americans really want?

and yet sane laws will never be inacted - for no apparent reason

so much for a call for more civility in our political discourse

Refusing To Sit With Democrats, Rep. Broun Warns Of Obama Spewing ‘Venom’ At State Of The Union
(Think Progress)
Who is going to rudely interrupt the state of the union this year with a lie?

now that's leadership!


Florida Bill Would Make It A Felony For Doctors To Ask Patients About Gun Ownership
(Think Progress)
Talk about massive government interference with you and your doctor! And what happened to basic rights such as freedom of speech and even patient-doctor confidentiality?

Why is it that repugs hate government interference if it would help someone but love it if it will hurt the doctor (as in this case) or the patients (as in women's rights cases)?

and still another armed, violent right-winger

more anti-Amiercan bigots who don't believe in what this country was founded on

do you think maybe it would make more sense to work on issues that exist in the real world?

this is the kind of thinking that keeps us from sane gun laws

aw man, that sucks...

Keith Olbermann gives abrupt goodbye to MSNBC show
He & Maddow were by far the best things on the station. I don't think that Lawrence O'Donnell is personable enough to carry that major time slot...We'll see...

Best to Olbermann and a big thank you for all that he has done over the years. I hope that we will see him again somewhere soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

wow - how remarkably sick and twisted

Santorum invokes Obama’s race in abortion debate

Rick Santorum says President Obama should be against abortion because Obama is black.

The Republican ex-senator, who is exploring a possible 2012 presidential bid, made the comments interview with's Terry Jeffrey.

"The question is -- and this is what Barack Obama didn't want to answer: Is that human life a person under the Constitution? And Barack Obama says no," Santorum says in the interview, which was first picked up by CBN's David Brody. "Well if that person, human life is not a person, then, I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say, 'We are going to decide who are people and who are not people.'"


Incredible - comparing the inhuman degradation of slavery to the removal of a clump of cells from a woman's body.

What a f'k'd up. demented mind Santorum has....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

good job, Alabama

New Ala. gov: Just Christians are his family

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley told a church crowd just moments into his new administration that those who have not accepted Jesus as their savior are not his brothers and sisters, shocking some critics who questioned Tuesday whether he can be fair to non-Christians.

"Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I'm telling you, you're not my brother and you're not my sister, and I want to be your brother," Bentley said Monday, his inauguration day, according to The Birmingham News.

The Anti-Defamation League on Tuesday called Bentley's remarks shocking.

"His comments are not only offensive, but also raise serious questions as to whether non-Christians can expect to receive equal treatment during his tenure as governor," said Bill Nigut, the ADL's regional director.


The religious bigots are getting more and more blatant...and still getting elected!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

this can't be a surprise to anyone, can it?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

what a sick country we are living in

but wait, the repugs say that global warming isn't happening - this must be a mistake, right?

2010 ties 2005 as warmest year on record worldwide
Not like the uneducated, partisan repugs could possibly be wrong, could they?

as opposed to Palin's persecution complex-laden rant

Obama urges Americans to use words that heal, not wound
Once again, showing the difference between what a politician should do and what a celebrity hack does.

No matter what kind of differences one might have with Obama, no one can deny that he always acts and speaks very presidential.

somehow I don't feel too sorry for this criminal

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

something many of us have been thinking since this started

Sarah Palin Refudiates Sarah Palin
(Huffington Post)
Of course Palin is far from the only right-winger doing this, but are they all really so oblivious to their own hypocrisy. Or is it that, like usual, they just don't care?

all too true

Clyburn: Palin 'Intellectually' Incapable Of Understanding Arizona Shootings
(Huffington Post)
I do have to disagree with his later comments - I do not believe that she is attractive or articulate, but maybe that's just me and I have higher standards...

the crazies are too scary even for republicans

what a surprise - instead of taking the high road, Palin continues to be offensive

Palin charges critics with 'blood libel'

Sarah Palin released a video statement Wednesday calling the rush to pin blame on conservatives for the Tucson shooting a “blood libel.”

“Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own,” she said. “They begin and end with the criminals who commit them.”

In the eight-minute video, Palin says, “…especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.”

Palin’s use of the charged phrase “blood libel” - which refers to the anti-Semitic accusation from the Middle Ages that Jews killed Christian children to use their blood to make matzoh for Passover - touched off an immediate backlash.

“The blood libel is something anti-Semites have historically used in Europe as an excuse to murder Jews – the comparison is stupid. Jews and rational people will find it objectionable,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a New York-based Democratic political consultant and devout Jew. “This will forever link her to the events in Tucson. It deepens the hole she’s already dug for herself… It’s absolutely inappropriate.”

Palin has faced criticism this week for images that look like gun crosshairs she used to identify the districts of Democrats who were vulnerable in the 2010 elections, including that of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), who was shot on Saturday.

But in her first extended response to the shooting - released hours before President Obama is to visit Tucson - Palin said that “responsibility lies not collectively with all the citizens of a state, not with those who listen to talk radio, not with maps of swing districts used by both sides of the aisle, not with law-abiding citizens who respectfully exercise their First Amendment rights at campaign rallies, not with those who proudly voted in the last election.”

Though some “claim political debate has somehow gotten more heated just recently,” Palin said it has always been “heated.”

“…when was it less heated? Back in those ‘calm days’ when political figures literally settled their differences with dueling pistols?” she asked.

“In an ideal world all discourse would be civil and all disagreements cordial. But our Founding Fathers knew they weren’t designing a system for perfect men and women. If men and women were angels, there would be no need for government. Our Founders’ genius was to design a system that helped settle the inevitable conflicts caused by our imperfect passions in civil ways. So, we must condemn violence if our Republic is to endure.”

Palin said that “America must be stronger than the evil we saw displayed last week.”

“We are better than the mindless finger-pointing we endured in the wake of the tragedy,” she added. “We will come out of this stronger and more united in our desire to peacefully engage in the great debates of our time, to respectfully embrace our differences in a positive manner, and to unite in the knowledge that, though our ideas may be different, we must all strive for a better future for our country.”


So, she has decided to pander to her base instead of trying to win sympathy from the moderate majority in this country. And in doing so, she has shown that she is insensitive, mindless and even more offensive.

Who would have thought that was even possible for her?

Of course, it is not lost on anyone that she chose to put out a video instead of doing an interview where she would be asked questions that she had no answers for.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maddow's response to the shooting

if by "support" you mean complete and total condemnation

Limbaugh: Jared Loughner Has 'Full Support' Of Democratic Party
(Huffington Post)
This jerk doesn't even try to make sense - he just claims the Dems are doing something horrible no matter how insanely unrealistic.

couldn't happen to a nicer guy

Former Republican House Majority Leader Rep. Tom Delay (TX) was “sentenced to three years in prison on conspiracy charges” yesterday. “I can’t be remorseful for something I don’t think I did,” DeLay said after the sentence was handed down.

(Think Progress)


in what world does this make sense?

don't hold your breath

can anyone even pretend that this makes sense?

cuz gawd forbid we restrict mentally ill people from having automatic weapons

something cool instead of depressing - though you need to go 650 million light years away

Hubble telescope zeroes in on green blob in space

WASHINGTON – The Hubble Space Telescope got its first peek at a mysterious giant green blob in outer space and found that it's strangely alive.

The bizarre glowing blob is giving birth to new stars, some only a couple million years old, in remote areas of the universe where stars don't normally form.

The blob of gas was first discovered by a Dutch school teacher in 2007 and is named Hanny's Voorwerp (HAN'-nee's-FOR'-vehrp). Voorwerp is Dutch for object.

NASA released the new Hubble photo Monday at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle.

Parts of the green blob are collapsing and the resulting pressure from that is creating the stars. The stellar nurseries are outside of a normal galaxy, which is usually where stars live.

That makes these "very lonely newborn stars" that are "in the middle of nowhere," said Bill Keel, the University of Alabama astronomer who examined the blob.

The blob is the size of our own Milky Way galaxy and it is 650 million light years away. Each light year is about 6 trillion miles.

The blob is mostly hydrogen gas swirling from a close encounter of two galaxies and it glows because it is illuminated by a quasar in one of the galaxies. A quasar is a bright object full of energy powered by a black hole.

The blob was discovered by elementary school teacher Hanny van Arkel, who was 24 at the time, as part of a worldwide Galaxy Zoo project where everyday people can look at archived star photographs to catalog new objects.

Van Arkel said when she first saw the odd object in 2007 it appeared blue and smaller. The Hubble photo provides a clear picture and better explanation for what is happening around the blob.

"It actually looked like a blue smudge," van Arkel told The Associated Press. "Now it looks like dancing frog in the sky because it's green." She says she can even see what passes for arms and eyes.

Since van Arkel's discovery, astronomers have looked for similar gas blobs and found 18 of them. But all of them are about half the size of Hanny's Voorwerp, Keel said.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh My Gawd! Kick Ass is becoming reality!

Seattle Superhero 'Phoenix Jones' Patrols Streets, Fights Crime
(Huffington Post)
Funny that this appears the day after the premier of "The Cape" last night.

Wonder if this will catch on, as it does in the comics?

pathetic - and unrealistic - attempts at rationalizing their violent rhetoric

Sarah Palin Aide Rebecca Mansour: Our Crosshairs Map Had Nothing To Do With Violence Or Guns

"We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights," she said in an interview with talk radio host Tammy Bruce Saturday. "It was simply crosshairs like you'd see on maps." Bruce suggested that they could, in fact, be seen as "surveyor's symbols." Mansour added that "it never occurred to us that anybody would consider it violent" and called any attempts to politicize the Arizona tragedy "repulsive."

The suggestion that the symbols were related to guns seemed to come, however, from Palin herself. On March 23, Palin tweeted to her supporters a note about the aforementioned Facebook message, writing, "Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: 'Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!' Pls see my Facebook page." And as Politico's Jonathan Martin points out, in November Palin boasted about defeating 18 of the 20 members on her "bullseye" list.

(Huffington Post)


Considering that Palin's own words debunk this sad attempt, I think it's time for her to simply apologize for her extreme rhetoric and "poor choice of words" and say that she never intended anyone to actually resort to violence and apologize to the victims that some madman took her words too literally. She would get a lot more respect if she took some responsibility for her actions and I think it would end up serving her well in the long run.

are they really talking about this administration?

Gibbs Departure Offers Opportunity To Fix White House Press Relations

WASHINGTON -- The modern White House press secretary operates in a defensive crouch, fending off questions rather than answering them and revealing as little as possible.

But does it have to be this way? What if the next press secretary took a different approach -- and offered the media and the public a more expansive view into the goings-on inside the West Wing?

The imminent departure of spokesman Robert Gibbs gives President Barack Obama -- and his new chief of staff, William Daley -- a chance to reset the relationship between the White House and the press, and to live up to Obama's campaign promises about transparency and accountability.

(Huffington Post)


Sure, all administrations play things close to the chest, but after 8 years of bush's outright lies, this is the meme regarding Gibbs' departure?

probably coincidental, but good timing for this cancellation

And finally: Fans will get only one season of caribou hunting and snow machine riding from “real America’s” favorite former governor, as TLC has canceled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The two-hour season finale of the reality TV show aired last night, and Palin-ites will have to satisfied with that until cable news becomes a de facto Palin reality TV show when she announces her inevitable run for the presidency later this year.

(Think Progress)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Olberman's sane and logical response to the insanity

Special Comment: Violence and threats have no place in democracy
(Crooks and Liars)
Unfortunately, we can be sure that this appeal falls upon deaf ears - on the right, anyway.

more on the right's violent rhetoric

this would be appropriate if both sides were doing it

sure, cuz not talking about it will absolve all responsibility

more horrific right-wing violence

[UPDATED] Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, 18 Others Shot At Event In Arizona; Judge, Child Among Dead
(Think Progress)
And yes, this was the work of a crazy person - who else but a crazy person would ever do something like this. But, when goaded by violent rhetoric continually by the right-wing media, by right-wing commentators, by the right wingers on the internet, the right-wingers can't be surprised when a crazy person responds to their rhetoric.

And no, there is no equivalent on the left side since the left side does not advocate violence - that is part of being a liberal.

It is so sick and sad to see what the conservatives have done to this country.

Friday, January 07, 2011

and these are the kinds of things the repugs want to repeal

Obamacare Goes Under the Knife

In the nearly 10 months since the Democrats' health care bill became law, bureaucrats have been feverishly writing new regulations, and the first wave of reform has arrived. There are tax credits for small businesses to cover employees; kids can stay on their parents' policies until they are 26; co-pays for preventive care went away. But to most Americans, the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has felt less like the dawn of a new era and more like the start of a long partisan war over whether reform should proceed at all.


More of what would happen to our people and our economy if the repugs repeal health care reform:

Boehner To CBO: La La La, I Can't Hear You

(Crooks and Liars)

let's see how long it takes the repugs to destroy this progress

Thursday, January 06, 2011

an open letter to conservatives

From TPM.

If only they would do this - political discourse would be much improved...

but the repugs don't really care about the deficit

New CBO Analysis: GOP’s Push For Health Law Repeal Would Increase Deficit By $230 Billion Over 10 Years
(Think Progress)
They know that this repeal is bad for Americans, but it is symbolic and good for the wealthy so they wanna do it.

because for repugs, tax cuts are magic and don't affect anything

serves him right

good - maybe they'll learn something

On Day 2, House Republicans read the Constitution
The repugs have been trying to destroy the Constitution for quite a while, so maybe they'll finally learn what they are supposed to be upholding.

More from Think Progress:

what a surprise

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

as if they haven't been fighting for the last two years

Taking the House, GOP primes for fight with Obama

WASHINGTON – Ascending to speaker of the House, Rep. John Boehner is ready to take the gavel from Democrat Nancy Pelosi, vowing to "give government back to the people" and bring an end to congressional gridlock.


An end to gridlock?! They're the ones who have been causing it!!

gee, I wonder what the businesses will say?

House GOP asks business for advice on regulations
I'm sure the businesses will request more regulations, out of the goodness and kindness of their hearts, since they have proven that they are so willing to voluntarily regulate themselves.

this administration caving once again

Administration reverses on end-of-life counseling
All because of the idiotic, easily (and often) debunked "death panels" lie that is famous for being an utterly outrageous lie.

My gawd, won't this admin fight for anything at all? They've given in to so many lies already that it is sickening...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

the repugs version of bipartisanship

Rep. Kingston Threatens To Repeal Food Safety Law
(Think Progress)
Even though this bill passed overwhelmingly with a bipartisan majority, the repugs show their true colors with their threats...

already showing the difference between repugs and Dems

Despite Demanding ‘Bipartisan Discussions’ On Health Reform, Republicans To Vote On Repeal Without Hearings
(Think Progress)
The Dems bent over backwards to accommodate every unreasonable request that the repugs ever made, but the repugs once again show that they do not want to have any kind of discussion about anything ever...

because, of course, the president is completely expendable

the continued bigotry of the repugs

how does someone this crazy get elected?

Allen West Says New Congress Should Prioritize Threat Of ‘Infiltration Of The Sharia Practice’ In U.S.
(Think Progress)
Some people might think that it might make more sense to prioritize problems that are actually occurring in the real world, but I suppose that is simply sanity speaking...

yeah, good luck with that

Obama exhorts Republicans to put politics aside
I'm oh-so-sure that the repugs are going to magically convert to cooperating law-makers now that they are in power instead of in the minority.

Jeez - I sure don't hope that Obama sincerely believes this nonsense....