Friday, September 23, 2011

Nevada anti-women's rights nutcases

Group wants to put abortion issue on Nevada ballot

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- An anti-abortion group is trying to get a measure on the ballot so Nevada voters can ban abortion.

The Nevada Prolife Coalition filed a petition filed with the Secretary of State's office defining a person as all stages of biological development before birth.

The Las Vegas Sun reported Thursday that the petition would prohibit "the intentional taking of a prenatal person's life."

To get the question on a statewide ballot, the group must gather more than 72,000 valid signatures from the state's three congressional districts.

A coalition of abortion rights groups is opposing the anti-abortion effort.

A similar effort last year to ban abortions in Nevada failed after a district judge ruled the petition language was too vague.
"Prenatal person"?! You mean a clump of cells?!

Jeez, I hate these unconstitutional, women-hating assholes....