Sunday, September 11, 2011

10th anniversary of bin laden and bush destroying our country

I always say that bin Laden must have gone to his grave a happy man, since he was able to succeed beyond his wildest dreams of destroying everything that America stood for - with George W. Bush's immense help, of course. Bush destroyed any good will that we received after the attack and destroyed our standing in the world by his pointless wars, destroyed our economy, destroyed the rights that our country was founded on, etc etc etc.

I would have hoped that the lesson learned from all of this would be to not over-react to attacks - and fight only those who actually attacked us - and not to lose ourselves in fear, hatred and bigotry, but it seems like that is a vain hope.

If only we had a president that was committed to reversing all the evil that those two men committed against our country, but, sadly, it does not look like we will have that any time soon, either.

The attacks were horrendous and unspeakably evil, but we could have and would have come through them stronger than ever if we had not cowered in fear and given away all of our rights and everything that the country stood for in order to let bush "protect" us.

Gawd help us all if we get another insane repug as president next year...