Tuesday, March 30, 2010

more violent, anti-government, right-wing nut cases

Feds: Militia plotted for anti-government revolt

WHEATLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Members of a rural Michigan-based Christian militia who believed a battle with the Antichrist was coming were plotting to attack police officers in hopes of fomenting a violent uprising against the government, federal prosecutors alleged.

Seven men and one woman believed to be part of the group called Hutaree were arrested over the weekend after raids in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The ninth suspect was arrested Monday night after a search in southern Michigan and was expected to be arraigned Tuesday.

FBI agents moved quickly against Hutaree because its members were planning an attack sometime in April, prosecutors said. Members had been undergoing paramilitary training, including learning how to shoot guns and make bombs, since 2008, according to an indictment. Authorities seized guns in the raids but would not say whether they found explosives.

Boy, who could have predicted anything like this? Oh yeah! The Dept. of Homeland Security report from last year that the right-wingers denounced so effectively!

It sure seems like this country has far more to fear from home-grown terrorists than from any outside groups these days. These nuts aren't simply opposed to the governments policies, as most of us were during the bush years, but want to actually murder the people who are implementing the policies - policies which, for a change, are actually good for the people and the country.

F'k'ing sick looney-tunes....

And here's yet another one!
White Supremacist Plotting To Kill Obama Pleads Guilty

(Huffington Post)