Wednesday, November 16, 2005

complaining that Dems aren't as corrupt as repugs!

Lobbyists grumble about lack of Dem love

This story, with lobbyists grumbling about lack of attention from House Democrats, is hilarious. Apparently, that's supposed to be a bad thing.
Why are House Democrats' efforts to distance themselves from K Street corporate lobbyists being portrayed as a problem?

That's the question I have after reading today's Hill Newspaper story which disgustingly portrays House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's independence from K Street as some sort of negative trait. The story says "lobbyists are grumbling that they have not been enjoying the same access to Pelosi as they have in the past." These lobbyists are used to lawmakers "run[ning] plans past K Street early to avoid any surprises or disagreements farther down the line." That's a euphemism for Corporate America expecting the people's representatives to make sure to get Big Business's stamp of approval on every potential piece of legislation.

Pelosi, of course, should be congratulated for her independence, especially since we're living through the Republicans' "Culture of Corruption" whereby K Street essentially dictates everything that our government does [...]

To be sure, this skewed value system in D.C. is being rejected by Democrats outside the beltway. Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) and New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch (D), for instance, have both demanded serious lobbying reforms in their states. Similarly, lawmakers in the newly-Democratic Colorado legislature pushed a lobbying crackdown in the last legislative session. These folks understand the powerful potential of actually getting serious about cleaning up government, and pushing for true reform, even if it means going up against Big Money interests.

It's like those big dollar donors whining that Howard Dean isn't spending time kissing their butts. The notion that dissing lobbyists is somehow a negative is really a DC/beltway fiction.

(Daily Kos)