Wednesday, November 16, 2005

more chaos, anarchy,death and torture in Iraq

Sunnis Demand Probe of Torture Allegations
BAGHDAD, Iraq's main Sunni Arab political party on Wednesday demanded an international investigation into allegations that security forces illegally detained and tortured suspected insurgents at secret jails in Baghdad.

In fighting in western Iraq, five U.S. Marines were killed and 11 wounded while searching a house Wednesday, according to an embedded New York Times reporter. The U.S. military does not normally report deaths until 24 hours after they happen.

In Baghdad, Omar Heikal of the Iraqi Islamic Party said it was now clear that majority Shiites in the U.S.-backed government were trying to suppress minority Sunnis ahead of the Dec. 15 parliamentary elections.

"Our information indicates that this is not the only place where torture is taking place," he said, reading an official party statement. The party "calls on the United Nations, the Arab League and humanitarian bodies to denounce these clear human rights violations, and we demand a fair, international probe so that all those who are involved in such practices will get their just punishment."

In a related development, at least four Iraqi policemen were treated at Yarmouk Hospital for injuries they said were suffered in beatings by men who identified themselves as Interior Ministry commandos after they were stopped Monday on patrol in the Dora neighborhood of southwest Baghdad.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari confirmed that more than 173 Interior Ministry prisoners were found malnourished and possibly tortured by government security forces at a Baghdad lockup Sunday.
In continuing insurgent violence near Baghdad, three U.S. Army soldiers were killed Tuesday in a roadside bombing, the U.S. command said. A U.S. Marine was also killed Tuesday by a car bomb near Karmah, 50 miles west of Baghdad, another statement said.

That brought to at least 2,074 the number of U.S. service members who have died since the beginning of the war in 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure does not include The New York Times' report of five dead Marines.

Once again, how is this better than when Saddam was in power?
Will we ever have a plan and will there ever be peace in this country again?