Monday, March 08, 2010

getting wackier and wackier all the time

Sarah Palin: God Wrote Notes On His Hand, Too
(Huffington Post)
And, in the same article, a quote from the National Post newspaper outlining her hypocrisy:
She complained about the "establishment," this woman who once ran to be second-in-command of the largest establishment in the world; she mocked the press, speaking as a correspondent to America's biggest news network; she chastised critics who dwelt on her children's lives, after introducing to the audience her daughter, Piper, who spent the duration of the speech fidgeting near the stage. And the politician who championed the average working man and woman spent an hour before her appearance locked away in a private VIP reception posing for photos with guests who had paid hundreds of dollars for the privilege; after her speech, she was hustled by handlers out a back door. If these were contradictions, they were forgiven readily. As is surely the case with so many of her audiences, Ms. Palin's unpretentiousness and charm, and her deeply held conservatism, counted far more.

I guess perception really is reality to many people...