Thursday, March 25, 2010

from Harry Reid - reconciliaton bill passed!

On Tuesday, President Obama signed health insurance reform into law. And just a little while ago, the Senate made good on its promise to fix and finish reform by passing the reconciliation bill 56-43.

In the end, over 37,000 people added their voices to mine in support of getting this done. Reform would not have been possible without so many amazing Nevadans, and Americans, calling for change.

This was a long, tough road - but it was the right path for America. You can read about how health insurance reform will impact you by clicking here, and I encourage you to go there today and read about the many important aspects of reform that are now the law of the land.

Thank you, once again, for all your support throughout this long process. The only way this was going to happen was by sticking together. There truly is no more powerful force in politics than dedicated Americans working together for change.