Thursday, September 10, 2009

outrageous and totally inappropriate repug behavior

Both Sides Condemn Outburst; Wilson Apologizes
Of course, even in his so-called "apology", Wilson doesn't admit that he was the one who was lying, not Obama. Obama truthfully said that the health care proposal does not cover illegal immigrants - which is easily proven to be true - and so Wilson lied about Obama lying.

I literally cannot imagine the outrage if a Democrat had called bush a liar - even when he actually was lying - especially in this setting. He would have been lucky to have gotten out of the chamber alive. I bet Wilson doesn't even lose his job, which he obviously should.

Utterly repugnant...

And, of course, Obama is almost infuriating in his graciousness:

Obama accepts lawmaker's apology for floor remark

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama accepted a South Carolina Republican's apology for shouting, "You lie!" during his speech to Congress, and House Democratic leaders showed no interest in sanctions against Rep. Joe Wilson.

Obama said Thursday that Wilson apologized "quickly and without equivocation" and the congressman told reporters the shout-out was "spontaneous."

"We all make mistakes," Obama told reporters, a day after Wilson stunned the president and his colleagues with his outburst.

Infuriated Democrats briefly considered sanctioning the four-term congressman, but decided early Thursday that doing so might distract lawmakers from getting an agreement to overhaul health insurance.

"It's time for us to talk about health care, not Mr. Wilson," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

And, of course, no article has yet to state that Wilson was the one who was - obviously and clearly - lying, not Obama.