Wednesday, November 08, 2006

what an unbelievable prick!

Bush To Terrorists: ‘Do Not Be Joyful’ Over Midterm Election Results

Before the election, President Bush said on the campaign trail that if opponents of his Iraq policy were victorious, “the terrorists win and America loses.”

During his press conference earlier today, Bush returned to the same extreme rhetoric. Addressing “our enemies,” Bush said “do not be joyful” over the election results, or view them as evidence of America’s “lack of will.”

(Think Progress)
This is pretty incredible even for this egotistical motherfucker!
Yeah, he's a uniter!
I can't believe that we're stuck with this cocksucker for another 2 years. Can't we impeach him already? There are more than enough reasons too - hell, i think that we should just cuz he's a dick!