Monday, November 28, 2005

Whose plan is this again?!

Bush says Democrats have embraced "Bush's withdrawal plan." Only problem? Bush has never offered a withdrawal plan.

It's amazing how willing you are to lie when 66% of the country hates you.

The White House for the first time has claimed possession of an Iraq withdrawal plan, arguing that a troop pullout blueprint unveiled this past week by a Democratic senator was "remarkably similar" to its own....

The statement late Saturday by White House spokesman Scott McClellan came in response to a commentary published in The Washington Post by Joseph Biden, the top Democrat of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in which he said US forces will begin leaving Iraq next year "in large numbers."....

Even though Bush has never publicly issued his own withdrawal plan and criticized calls for an early exit, the White House said many of the ideas expressed by the senator were its own.

And I guess we're supposed to forget the fact that Bush and Cheney pilloried Democrats for embracing a withdrawal plan only a week ago.Time for the media to ask Bush what changed in the last week that suddenly makes a withdrawal acceptable?