Tuesday, November 22, 2005

more on bombing Al-Jazeera

Bush Talked of Bombing Al-Jazeera, Newspaper Reports
White House Dismisses 'Outlandish' Charge Reportedly in Leaked British Memo
The White House said it wouldn't dignify what it called "something so outlandish" with a response.
Al-Jazeera offices in Iraq and Afghanistan have been hit by U.S. bombs or missiles, but each time the U.S. military said they were not intentionally targeting the broadcaster.

In April 2003, an Al-Jazeera journalist was killed when its Baghdad office was struck during a U.S. bombing campaign. Nabil Khoury, a State Department spokesman in Doha, said the strike was a mistake.

In November 2002, Al-Jazeera's office in Kabul, Afghanistan, was destroyed by a U.S. missile. None of the crew was at the office at the time. U.S. officials said they believed the target was a terrorist site and did not know it was Al-Jazeera's office.

Doesn't seem quite so outlandish since we have actually bombed their offices! And what was the last accusation that was so ridiculous that the WH didn't want to comment on it? Wasn't that the question of whether Rove outed Valerie Plame? And how did that turn out again?!